Chapter 5

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Me and my mom were In line too meet the boys like all of the other fans. we were the last ones In line that way we could stick around longer. we were like 5 people away.

As we were approaching them they said "hey Ashlee how are you?"

I looked at them strangely and said "considering I saw you like 5 hours ago I'm doing pretty well."

We were getting into a pretty good conversation when a little girl walked up and said "I'm sorry too bother you but would sign this and will you hurry up I don't want adoption place worrying."

She was looking at the boys . I spoke up "take however long you would like me and my mom will take you back when your done and don't worry about being late."

The little girl looked around the age of 5. I don't know how she got here but knowing my mom she will do something for this little girl.

I looked over at the boys and they were playing with her. it was the cutest thing ever. I then asked my mom " will you please adopt her?"

My mom looked at me and said "already on it."

Me and my mom walked back over too the group. I was so excited I couldn't keep it in any more and said "little girl my mom is going too adopt you."

The little girl looked at us and said "thank you and my name is Darcy."

There was question I needed too know so I asked "how did you find out about these guys?"

She replied "a girl that used too be at the adoption place let me watch them with her but know the people at adoption place she left too be with person named heaven."

I the realized what she meant by heaven . that must be really sad.

We then decided it was time to go to the adoption agency so my mom can adopt Darcy.

Before we left I went up too cameron and said "don't fogey too ask my mom."

He nodded and then my mom, Darcy ,and I were off.

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