16 and afraid

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Hey guys ! If you are reading this then I'm excited to tell you, you are reading my very first story ! I honestly can't wait for you guys to read it and like I said its my first story so don't judge.. hope you guys like it bye !


"Alyssa!" I hear my mom yelling attempting to get me out of bed. "your going to be late for school get up!" I lazily get out of bed get in the and get ready to go to prison, oops I mean school. The sound of that word makes me regret getting up. I walk downstairs and almost instantly get overwhelmed with the smell of pancakes cooking. "Good morning my little angel." my mom says mockingly "please mother, I asked you to stop calling me that" I rolled my eyes playfully. I ate my pancakes and headed out the door saying bye to my mom and dad, yes I'm an only child, thank god!

I walked to the bus stop dreading the first day of 11th grade every teens nightmare. I see the bus and it stops in front of me hesitantly I get on the bus. None of my friends were on the bus so i sat there quietly.

We arrived at school and noticed many of the boys looked so much cuter than they did in 10th grade. I think I might have a chance, I think I'm a pretty girl I have hazel blue eyes and have brown hair with natural waves I have dimples and pretty fit and i'm about 5"6'

As the day drags on the final bell rings and I rush out the door my best friend Lorena waits for me we've been friends since 3rd grade and I can tell her anything . "so how do you like 11th grade?" I as she shrugs "alright, I guess" "so ready to walk home?" I ask "yea about that, my mom decided to pick me up today, sorry lyssa." "it's alright" I tell her we say goodbye and I start to walk home.

I'm about 3 blocks away from my house when I hear the roar of a truck speeding behind me I think nothing of it until I'm dragged inside of it. I struggle as I try to leave his strong grasp, its no use he's to strong. He puts a rag over my mouth and I almost instantly black out.

I wake up thinking it was all a dream until reality hits me and I realize I'm wrong.

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