Ninja Clans: Scroll 15: Training

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"Hello, It's nice to meet you. My name is Rose. Zexel said I should come here." spoke a woman as she entered the temple. She had long curly blond hair and blue eyes. She was slightly shorter then me and wore casual clothing, almost like she came out of the town's tavern. She looks about my age and had pale white skin. She was the first recruit sent by Zexel. He's still on the mission to find ninjas. He's been gone for about an hour now. 

"Hello Rose, I assume your here to train as a ninja." I responded.

"Yes, I would like to train and become a Ninja. " replied Rose. 

" Good, I will be your teacher, you can call me Master Xelie. I will give you a tour of the clan, then we will get your started." I said to her. I continued walking her down the hall showing her the different rooms.

"To my left is the Training room, I think it's obvious what happens there. Next is the Library, full of different scrolls and tomes for those seeking knowledge. You can even learn a few techniques there. Across from the Library is the Storage room. We keep all the armours and weapons. While we are here, why don't you choose a weapon and get yourself some armour." I told her. After she got into her armour she choose the Dual Katanas as her weapon. 

"The Katanas, a weapon of power. Is this the weapon you choose?" I asked her, questioning her determination. 

"Yes, I will master these blades." She responded. 

"Good, in due time you can master them." I told her. "Next is the bedrooms." I spoke as we continued the tour. " You may sleep here with fellow class mates." We continued down the hall and I showed her the remaining rooms, and told her to stay away from the Master's Chambers.  

"That concludes the tour, you can go and rest now for the time being, we are expecting more guests. Training will begin tomorrow, for now you should just get comfortable here in the clan." I told her. 

"Thank you very much, Master!" she replied and headed towards the bedrooms. I returned to the gates, waiting for any other students. after another half hour I was greeted by another stranger. This one has short spiky brown hair and brown eyes. He looked tough, which is good. He was as tall as I was. He looked like he was close to my age as well, thought I can't tell how old he really is. 

"I'm Razor, I am here to train and become a Ninja." He said introducing himself. 

" Hello Razor, I'm Xelie, master of the clan. I can teach you, if you are worthy." I said to him testing him as well. 

" I am worthy, I'm willing to do anything to become a ninja." He replied. 

"Good, you will need that determination. It isn't easy to become a ninja." I told him "Follow me and I'll give you a tour of the temple. Then you can get your gear and rest." I told him. After giving him the tour, he also got into his armour and chose the nunchucks as his weapon. 

"The nunchucks, weapons of skill. Is this the ones you choose?" I asked him.

"Yes, I will train with these." He responded. 

"Good, then get your self comfortable with the clan. Training begins tomorrow." I told him.

I went back to wait for more people. 'This is boring' I said to myself. I waited an hour with no one appearing. Finally a smaller and more fragile looking boy appeared. He was shorter then me and looked a bit younger. This one had smooth brown hair that wasn't short but not extremely long either, it went down half his neck. The boy had milky white skin and had light brown eyes around his pupil that went onto a light green colour with a outer dark blue ring. I haven't ever seen eyes like that, how strange. He seemed quite excited. He looked a bit younger then me.

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