I Am Not A Girl Boy x Boy

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~~~~~I thought about one topic I wanted to try then another then some more then a friend of mine then this idea hit me! THAT MADE NO SENSE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! it's late i'm tired.

Weston High School. Some dumb special school that my mom decided to send me to. Something about wanting to make me change my ways of cross dressing. I had a twin sister before, she was 13 when she was hit by a car and died. The doctor said that I'm just trying to make her real again. In my heart I really do wish that I had died instead of her.

Anyway I am a boy, dressed like a girl, starting a new school, under my sister's name. My name is Julia Harold.

"Julia Harold?"

"Yes, that's me! Sixteen years old seventeen in three months, jet black hair, green eyes, 5' 4''-,"

"I get the point Julia. Do you want me to show you to your class?"

"No way! If you do that then I won't be able to explore this big place. Besides I'm not in elementary school."

"Yes but," the desk lady motioned for someone to come. "This is our student council president, I asked him to show you around."

"Hi my name is Dylan Cane, I'm the student council president it's nice to meet you."

He shook my hand lightly, almost as if he were afraid that he'd break me. I'm not fragile.

"Light brown hair, hazel eyes, and smart...," I muttered to myself.

"Why are you describing me?"

"No reason. Now let's go I don't wanna be late."

I made sure that he followed me out, there was no way I was going to let him spoil all my fun. The school was pretty big though and there weren't as many people as there were in my old school. A lot of the boys were staring at me as I walked.

"I feel like punching everyone of them."

"You're pretty, it's really just a compliment."

"Hey Dylan who's the new chick?"

Some kid on a skateboard came up to...., I forgot his name, and started talking to him.

"This is Julia, Julia this is Peter."

"Can I call you Scales?"


"Yes because of the dragon on your skateboard," I explained.

"Scales why not."

Peter is now Scales. I told myself. Now for..., I still can't remember.

"What's your nickname Dylan?" Scales asked him, the other guy.

"I don't have one."

"Tiger? Yes Tiger will do. This person is a Tiger."

The president looked at me like was insane, which I might be. But Tiger was the only thing that I could think of for him. He didn't really need a food nickname.

"Alright Dylan is a Tiger now."

Scales was supportive of the name but Tiger was still upset.

"Go to class Scales."

"Alright Tiger, see ya. Bye Julia."

Scales went away and I was left alone with Tiger. One day I have to draw Scales, as a dragon. Black scales, dark eyes, black as well maybe? (If you don't know what Scales looks like now then you're not reading carefully).

"Do you know any quite spots around here? I think that's all you need to tell me I can figure everything else."


Tiger led me to this little spot in the back of the library. There were some interesting titles back in this corner and I think I could enjoy this place.

"Thanks Tiger, now I'm going to class."

I took off in a minor run just to make sure that the message that I didn't need him anymore went through. My first class was English, I hope Scales has one of my classes. Okay English, it was easy to find on the second floor. I found it right as the late bell rang.

"Nice for you to join us Julia."

The nice English speaking lady invited me in and I accepted her invitation.

"This is Julia Harold, she'll be attending Weston from now on."

"Hey Julia do you want to come to tryouts today?"

"Tryouts for what?" I asked Strawberry.

"Cheerleading of course. I'm Christy May, cheer captain."

"I'll think about it, thanks for asking Strawberry. But I don't have any workout clothes."

"Don't worry about it, I can find something for you."

I took my seat in the back of the classroom at an empty desk. I wonder if the real Julia wanted to be a cheerleader. I think she would have. She was always so happy and always wanted to make others feel the same way.

While I wasn't paying attention someone came and sat beside. They poked me in the shoulder three times before I turned to look. It was just Tiger. I turned back to my day dreams and waited for class to end.

"What happened to being all friendly earlier?" Tiger asked when class was over.

"I don't know how cheerleading tryouts work. And I'm not sure if I'm even good at it."

"You'll be great trust me they just want a pretty face."

"Not for skills or anything else just my looks?"

"I'm not insulting you."

I sighed.

"Do you have anymore classes with me?"


I waited for Tiger's answer but nothing.

"How many?"

"All of them."

I growled. He noticed and took a step away from me. I quickly realized my mistake and tried to correct myself.

"What I'm just trying to act like you."

Being a girl might turn out to be a lot harder than I thought.

~~~~~~~~~Hey okay I'm proud of this. So cheerleading. one of my friends who has the same name as me is the cheerleading captain at my school. She is so scary sometimes. If I don't fall asleep i'll start another chapter.

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