Ch. 3 Fly Over Here

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After, what I would say an embarrassing array of events, fourth period finally came around. My stomach turned into a gurgle monster. "Blop, Burrp, Gurrrg.." my tummy rumbled. Ugh, stupid cardboard toast. Thankfully, no stupid jocks or skanky blondes messed with me during classes. Maybe it was because of my Beastie Boys V-neck, black skinny's and my black Timberlands? Who knew? I knew I kicked ass in the looks department. I mean, honey brown eyes? Helllllooo? ...Just kidding. I'm probably over confident with my appearance, though some girls do envy my shiny, long, straight brown hair. But, whatever was making those idiots refrain from me is good enough because I don't need "OMG he broke up with me, for her!" problems. Lunch bell rang, and I bolted out of there. I hated waiting in the long ass line for a freaking fake cheeseburger. I hated that some are able to float or "fly" their butts to the front. Even invisa dweeb was ahead of me. Well, at least I think he is, I can't tell.

"Elena...psht Elena...ELENA!!" Eli Sky ,my best friend, yells over at least 6 people in line to get my attention. I turn to him finally facing him. Sapphire blue eyes pierce the soft spot in my heart. "Oh, hello Eli! Get over here! " I semi-yell and roll my eyes. I mean, he is by all means able to come up where I was. "How exactly am I going to do that?" he asks while smirking. "Phft, hmmm, I wonder?" Looking to Eli, I finally see he decided to use his power. Silently and swiftly he flew over to me. And unlike any other jerk he actually apologized to the people he cut. "Hello..!" he said with a smile playing at his lips. Landing on a red tile next to me. "Whatever Sky." I try and hide a smile, I hate my dimples when I smile.

"NEXT!!" an old hair netted lunch lady yelled at us. Using her spotted hands to heat up the metal plate which contained the burgers. " Yea, hey, can I please have one cheese burger with a bag of Doritos?" Yummy, my stomach was finally starting to calm by the cheesy aroma of the burger. "I'll have a Caesar salad please" Sky asked while winking at the old lady. Blah. Okay he was nice, but sometimes he acted like a player on odd days. While handing me my meal, my eyes beam at the steamy goodness. "G-Gross Elena, DORITO BREATH YUCK..!" He says while over exaggerating his speech and covering his nose. "Hmm, well it's a good thing I don't have to kiss your ugly ass later, huh?!" He laughs and places an arm around my shoulder, while walking to the lunch tables. Nobody messes with my food and soon to be Dorito breath. lmao, It's a good thing I'm fond of the kid.

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