Sarah and I get back to the dorms around sunset, the time reads 6:42. Figures only she could shop for about six hours. I carry my handful of bags while she has to go back to the car to get another round of them. I sit down on the chair underneath my bed, relaxing myself as I close my eyes. I feel exhausted from running around the mall with Sarah. Enjoying the temporary silence, relaxing my body to mold into the comfortable chair beneath me.

Sarah had bought several new outfits, so many clothes I feel we may have to clean out the closet just to fit them in. That girl seriously could shop, the definition of 'shop until you drop', sadly the only one dropping was me. I glance at the few bags I had, I got a few new sweaters, scarves, warm clothing for winter coming up.

Even though August was ending and fall was taking it's stance, I felt like it was winter. Colorado got awfully cold, though it had it's mood swings. One day you'd have a foot of snow, the next you have a heat wave. Mood swings in Colorado, I'd like to call it. Hot and then cold, just like a teenage girl going through puberty.

"Finally!" Sarah interrupts my deep relaxation, dropping her bags as she plops onto her bed. "Feels good to lay down."

"Yeah considering you shopped straight through the trip." I laugh. There was a point in the trip I just sat in the food court and got something to eat. Sitting there for most likely a good hour while Sarah made her rounds of the mall.

"Don't think I didn't see you talking to that boy in the food court." She sits up pointing a finger at me accusingly. I simply shrug, it wasn't a big deal, a nice looking guy came up and started a small conversation. "What's going on with you Jules?" She asks suspiciously. I meet her wary blue eyes and smile,

"I'm just... finally excited to be here at college. To have a life again."

"Okay what happened at that party? What did you talk to Harry about? Because I can tell you seem a lot happier since then." Her eyes scan over me and I laugh,

"Nothing I just... last night made me realize that I should start living my life again." I recall the guys words at one point at the night,

"You have a beautiful smile." I blush and keep my eyes glued to the ground. "I'm sorry that boy hurt your heart."

"It's alright... I guess talking about it made me realize that I should move on."

"No one as pretty as you should be this sad. You should be allowed a life full of adventure, getting anything you want." He claims with a smirk. I wasn't sure if these words were coming from him because of how late it was or if he was being honest.

"I should start living a little." I agree quietly.

His compliments were cemented in my head. His image and our talk scribed into my brain. His kiss forever memorized on my lips, his touch forever scarred to my skin. I knew I'd never forget him or that night no matter how much I tried. I pull some hair behind my ear as I remember small compliments from that night that made my heart race and my face heat just to think about them. Though they were subtle compliments, I couldn't forget them.

"Jules?" Sarah's voice is calling me back, I clear my throat and stand up. "You okay?" She smiles lightly.

"Fine... I think I'm going to drive to the studio and get some dancing done." I excuse myself as I change into shorts and a t-shirt. Grabbing my gym bag with extra clothes I wave to Sarah as I leave.

"Be safe." She mocks the warning at me in a singing voice. I roll my eyes with a smile and assure her I will. I walk to my car, it's a simple Jeep Liberty from 2008, not a brand new car but it was nice. I slip my stuff inside the car as I turn it on and begin driving to the studio about fifteen minutes from campus. I turn up the radio and listen to a pop song by a female artist.

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