Chapter 5 - Summer

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July - August

Well, my daddy had a yard where he threw parties. But out of the kindness in his heart, he let the pan people practice there. It was official we weren't going to panorama. Panorama is a competition, where bands compete with soca music. While practicing, a new boy came. His name was Zephiniah. At first, I thought he was cute, buttttttt I lost ALL interest when he started being my stalker. Adding me on Facebook, sending me I love you text and other shit like O.O wtf.. Like gtfohh with all that stalker shit. And when I turn you down you be calling me a bitch and shit. Zephiniah a pusssy ass bitch , cause he got all his cousins saying I'm getting reckless.. But if I was soooo reckless why y'all tryna make me go out with him. Anyways, my ex came back , or the boy who I at least thought was my ex. We actually never went out, I actually thought we did I was wrong. Now you might say, "how tf you don't know if you're in a relationship with someone?" And I would reply , SHUT DA FUCK UP BITCH, THIS IS MY LIFE, AND HOW I LIVED IT, SO SUCK MY COCK.. Anyways 😳, my friend said that he said yes.. And I was maddddddddd hype. Cause like ? He sexy AS'F <3 .. If you got Facebook, search him up right low Tahjmel Urbano

LAWD, that nigga is some fireeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.. He's in high school.. And yes I might be crazy for liking a fourteen year old but, this is my life .. Remember ? Anywayssss, It was really hard for me to find out that my first love (that was a boy) , actually was never cuffed to me..

But Yeahh, the day he came bck to practice I was crying (just remember this is when I thought I was broken up from him) .. I was crying because I still liked him and he hurt me

The entire story that I heard from my friend was that we were cuffed and he cheated., so I kinda cursed him out.. And when all the pieces came together, I felt like a piece of shit. Anyways, things got a little better. I still liked him because he was my first love from July 2012 - March 2013 .. And I didn't care what nobody said, he was one of the best boyfriends I ever had. But what did all seem weird was that, the summer I thought we was cuffed, we acted like we was cuffed. He would look at me intensely and text me. It felt like we were together. But Yeahh, my summer in 2013 wasn't that great. My birthday was a pile of shit. I will never get those 24 hours of my 12th birthday back. My mom was too busy to buy me anything. The only presents I got was a headphones and a small party at pan. No friends from my school came 😐😐😐😐. I was pissed. But, I got my iPad later on after school started as a LATE birthday present. I deadass had the worst summer ever. Like if I could re-do that summer, I wouldn't have gone to pan at all-.-!! I would have been going places with my friends and hanging with the fam. I went to the pool 3 times this summer like BITCH! During the summer, niggas be living at the pool and I only go there 3 times. The pool is not the dentist, it's not a place you don't wanna go to. Anyways, my summer was a bitch. I hated it with a freaking passion. At least, school will be better, hopefully

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