Chapter 4 - April/May Drama

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It was the time around the state tests. I had finally lost my god damn mind. My mom took away my phone and was truly disappointed in me. My dad lectured me about it one morning and I walked inside of school crying. My first period class , ELA wasn't really that good. I was crying in front of one my crushes, Laidley. But I didn't care, when I became bisexual, I was me. Or at least that's what I believed at the time. I liked Naee Kerr at the time. She was in 610, the goody-two shoes class, that everyone doesn't like. But she was cuffed to another girl named ViVi Avila

ViVi Avila was a Spanish girl who was actually very pretty. But I liked Naee, but I respected that she was cuffed. Now when I spoke to Naee, I was supposedly flirting, that's what ViVi says. Me being funny or just being myself does not mean I'm flirting -_- just wanna put that out there. Naee and ViVi broke up one Friday. And as soon as I had the time, I asked Naee out. She said she'll think about it. The Monday after, they was cuffed again.. But I didn't know all of that, then Naee said yes but, she thought I was kidding. No -.- I was serious ._. .. Anyways, ViVi confronted both of us, and Naee was acting type slow -_- GMFT >_<.. Anyways, ViVi slowly hated me, I guess. And I chose to not give a shit, at the time. Until I got Facebook in May. I saw ALOT of people throw Subbs at me -_- bitch ass niggas.. Smdd >_< .. Anyways, I threw a subb about her -.- , the whole world knows about it .. Like stfuuuu, you just threw a sub !! I can't throw one ? We was arguing on a status, and a lot of people who didn't like me, was against me. Basically ViVi , Coconut , Schanell , 3 Eighth Graders, Deante , Boboukar , Nasha, Rizzy, Alaya , Kaitlyn , Blossom, Hunter, and everybody else that didn't like me.

They all confronted me during gym. Saying oh how I'm thirsty and shit -_- and the thing was, I got cuffed 2 days before they was talking all this shot. 5.19.14 O.E <3.. I was cuffed to Maria Johnson. She is lightskinned , thick , pretty , funny, smart , and special. We cuffed for 5 days, then I broke it off cause she wasn't acting like she wanted me.. So I was depressed for a while , cause all these people was still against me and I lost my rock 😢.. But 6.4.13 we cuffed once again. But she was with a boy named Hunter at the same time. We ended it 6.14.13 because everyone found out, about our secret relationship. The drama basically calmed down with me, and we became friends again 6.20.13 .. She became my wifey and my ovaaaaa everything <3.. Although she was cuffed to my enemy, she was still my 6.20.13 Ovaa everything. Anyways school ended and I was glad ^__^.. But I was still bisexual. I liked Nasha because she was funny and crazy. I asked her out, but she said she straight 😐... BUTTTTT later on, after I got over it, -_- she actually admitted she was bisexual, and I never told ANYONE.. Anyways, me and ViVi became friends 6.19.13 .. And we really close ^__^.. I even had feelings for her.. But, we had beef again 😒, cause I was supposedly in her business.. She really shouldn't worry about what I asked Naee, but I guess since they cuffed she wanna know everything

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