Chapter 2 - The Monday After The First Week

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Well, School started on a Wednesday and the weekend passed by quickly. So it was Monday and I had we had Ms.Martindale 3rd period for Guidance. Guidance was basically an unneeded subject if you ask me, it's just something to help all the students get acquainted with the school and middle school in general.

During the period, Ms.Mcleod brought two girls in the class. Both very pretty, one was Spanish and the other was just lightskinned. Turns out, the lightskinned girl wasn't in our class she was in 620. 630 was my class.

After Guidance, we has Math Enrichment. The class I basically hated. What the hell is the point of math enrichment if you already got math ? I never really understood that. Ms.Johnson a.k.a the dean was the teacher of this class, just to make matters worst. She was known as weave-e wonder, and I understood why. One day she had long hair and the next her hair got shit. Like whaaaaaat? After, weave-e wonder , it was lunchtime. Everyone's favorite subject <3 . <3 .. But a lot happens at lunch. Your whole mood can change based on the food and the people you sit around. I sat at the 3rd lunch table away from where they was giving food. I sat with Rose, Artemis , Edlyn , Alaya, Blossom and Kaitlyn. We always spoke about the most random things, from food to fandoms . From animals to relationships. We were just that close

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