Invisible. (Chapter 2)

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 I walk downstairs and into the kitchen,my parents are arguing as always,and my siblings are off at school. I don't come down here very often. Hell,I don't come to this house often. It reminds me of times,that I don't want to remember. I hate coming here,I hate this house. I wish I would've left sooner. But it's better now,better that I'm gone. I hate seeing the boys upset though. The night I died they were torn to shreds. "I want to be with sissy." is all I could hear. It rung through my ears and made me cry. I couldn't stand seeing them this way. It made me mad,so I left. I fled to the pond,exactly what I am doing now. I reached the pond and sat down. Across the pond I saw a boy,he looked about my age,I couldn't help but stare. "Hello,what is your name?" He said quickly,almost as if he knew I was looking the second I got there. "Y-you can see me?" I reply,looking down. "Of course I can,I'm dead also." He smiled as I looked up. "I'm Annamarie." He smiled. "I'm Cameron,you have a beautiful name." I blushed. "H-Hey,aren't you the kid who..drowned here?" "Yes,I am. And aren't you the girl who hung herself?" "Yes." "We had a lot in common you know,we had almost all the same classes." He chuckled softly,looking down. "I never had the courage to say hi. You truly are beautiful." I could feel my cheeks redden. "Hm,I never noticed." I said with a smile.

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