Chapter 2

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chapter 2-Aldo's pov-extra

I remember like it was yesterday lost no home no one to trust or to talk to. No parents just I felt like it was the beginning of my life. Im walking in the rain people pointing at my clothes and look at me weird. I looked at there faces cold cruel laughing i'm shivering cold hungry. I looked at this girl and wanted to ask her a question but her mother pulled her away saying dont talk to a dirty stray child and walked away.

Why, people are so mean and cold hearted people judge people by the way they look not by they personailty. We live in a cruel world I noticed with no peace. I walked and sat down for a little while and a man walked up to me.

"Are you lost kiddo, hey take my hand." He had black hair, eyes grey but they looked sad and lonely,tanned skin and a necklace with a name on it said vivien he had a weapon on his belt. He grabs my hand and said "I will find you home and your parents come on." I questioned him "home and parents?"  "Oh you dont have a home you dont know your parent!?" "Okay follow me he," said. I pointed at his necklace he said; "oh, thats my name vivien." "Now say it with me vivien." "Vivien.... ;" "yes,yes good job he pats my head." "Whats your name?" "My name;" I said in a confused voice. "Hmmm you dont have a name well im gonna name is aldo is that okay". I shake my head, and "say okay". "Now let me find you  a home I know some nice people that will love to take you.

" We start walking to the place then we arrive its a big house. Looks like it can hold up to 1,000 people. A man with walks out and says oh you bought us a guest. No this kid is looking for a home. "I see your name?" "I stuttered al... al.. aldo cause im still freezing cold." "Nice to might (meet) you aldo I'm Alex this is gonna be your new home." He haves Dirty blond hair,eyes blue as the sky,pale skin with a deep british accent. He grabs my hand and says to vivien you can come in. They give me a bath and dinner.

I was sad cause they aint really my parents they care for me for no reason. They tuck me into bed and I stayed up I said to myself they aint my real parents. So ran away from home. Then a man picked me up by choking me. Im trying to pull his hands away from his neck. Panting and gasbing for air. He says, "arent you a sweet one your cute." "I'm your real father I look at him." Blond hair like mines, ice blue eyes and pale skin. He lets me go and kisses my lips. Then I feel someone pull me away and a slap to my face. "Why did you leave son," alex said in a furious voice. I walk away and say your "not fa-fa-father" while rubbing the burse on my face. Viven walks right behind dad and stabs him to death. All I hear him screaming stop,stop, blood pouring from his wounds blood all over the hands the guy I trust and he looked at me and smiled and touched me with that hand and hugged me and said lets go home. 

 no one understands this boy he always cried and people ignored him like he was a wall and god just gave up on him. Friends they just didnt care they just annoyed him to death and gave him disguisting pity. He just wanted someone to hug him until he stopped crying not even until there arms get tried.

Chapter 2- 

Aldo wakes me up cause he wants to take a walk with me. "I say hell no not in that hot sun are you trying to kill me." Aldo chuckles, "a little." I glare at him; "not funny you dum shit." "Please,please,please." "No you spoil brat no is a no." Aldo says, "I guess there no other choice he kisses me on the cheek." I blush and pop up like a jack in a box. I run to the bathroom and look in the mirror my face was read as a tomato like my hair.

I take a quick cold shower to wake me up,throw on some clothes and walked out the bathroom door. Aldo screams in a victory; "I win" LIKE like he won a million bucks. I stare at him he is smiling so hard like the joker.

I say scarcasticly; "keep smiling like that your face will get stuck and you will scare your  fan girls away." He puts his hands on his face in shock and concern. I say laughing; "your face is stuck" He runs to the mirror. Before he throws a bitch fit I run out the door after one minute I loss my breath.   look behind me there he is panting and drinking all the water.

I scream; "murder you damn lama." "You just gonna let me die of thrist!?" "Yep thats what you get for making apperance jokes." "It wasnt funny either," he pouts. I say in a whiny voice; "i'm sorry but you didnt have to dissolve all the water like a lama." He chuckles and says proudly, "well then im one sexy lama with a pose."  "No response," I say with a pissed off look. He says, "come on theres a gas station right down the street."

While we walking I keep reapting "thirst,drink,thristy WATTEERRR." Aldo keeps laughing at my pain and points, "almost there." "Finally," I screetch with happenese. While he walk in the gas station I slide open the fridge and grab a big bottle of montain dew and kissing it. Then I start prasing it saying your my savor. Aldo stares at me weird. But, I dont care its me and my drink. While pays for my drink a man to my left keeps staring at me he has black hair. Before I know it he walks out the store. I mumble under my breath; "what the hell was his problem?" I know i have a confused look on my face. Aldo stares at me with a smile and "says keep stressing out like that you will get wrinkles and bold early."

I strug my shoulders with a attuitude and say; "I dont care I hate my red hair anyway." He puts his long fingers through my hair and says "your hair makes you stand out which makes your different." I smack his hand from my hair and say, "lets just go home"  He stands there in shock look a solider and; "mumbles sorry".

While we are walking back home i'm still thinking about that jeeper creeper that looked at me. Maybe he is a cougar,pedophile,pedo,pedobear. While i am drinking my mountain a though comes to my mind. A RAPIST i chocked and gag on the mountain dew. Aldo pats me on my back and said "breath you drinking to fast." "I say sorry," and go back to the train though maybe im over reacting he was probably looking at my red hair and freckles saying omg theres a fucking ginger no biotch its ginger bread.

That remind me of aldo scearming ass in class for angle side side. I start giggling about it and aldo stares which makes me laugh out loud. He yells whats so funny;I sigh ass remember. He mumbles not funny. Then i started singing A$$ by big shawn. "STOP.... Now make that mother fucker hammer time." "No just no jackey." I see aldo getting pissed he is pouting making a puff fish face like sponge bob boating school teacher. Then he changes the subject asking me; "why i was mad at the side store." I frown "dont wanna talk about it." Aldo glares which means he is trying to read me.Before you know it we arrive at our dorm. I sigh and keep thinking about that guy.... wtf was his problem. 

 Aldo haves still glaring me for me to stop him staring: "I say ass with a streetch." "He yells dont u dare....." I start singing all of red gemini songs with ass in the shower. While i get out the shower I slip my pj's on. Aldo yells from his room; "shut the fuck up before i fuck you up." "Then I shouted what time." He studders; "" I laugh;" gay as in happy" and knock myself to sleep.

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