Chapter 1 A normal work day

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 I tossed the empty cup in the trash then flipped open the case file scanning it over:

Witness: Jerry Dunlap

Under Protection for: Dunford investigation, former accountant of Dunford Law firm, Chicago Illinois


1. Denver, Colorado-- sweeper team found electronics of interest

2. Sacramento, California—sweeper team found photographs, address book of old contacts

 Final relocation: Columbus, Ohio 

Grand Jury Hearing in place for May 4th, 2011

Agents orders:

Keep witness in safe house at predetermined location, contact will be made in two days for pick for final move.

I closed the file jacket and looked at the arrival board again,  the plane just landed so I headed to gate nine to meet up with my now grumpy partner and Mr. Dunlap, nodding my head to the music playing softly over the speakers in the terminal. I smile hearing “Airplane” by Haley Williams of Paramore when Will sent a text saying he dislikes this part of our job, babysitting stubborn stupid people who don't realize we are trying to keep them alive. If someone agrees to enter Witness Protection it's usually because someone else wants them dead and this to me seems crystal clear, no contact with anyone from their past, but alas  when they break the rules we will relocate them a max of three times, then  they will end up on their own when they use all three times. This is Mr. Dunlap's last strike, he screws us over again we will toss him back to the wolves sorta speaking, no protection and no longer under the radar. 

I nod at Will as he leads Mr. Dunlap off the plane and he let's out a deep sigh as I ask “ Did you have a nice flight honey?” He grumbles and shakes his head then smiles back answering “ Grandpa here just had to ask for extra peanuts and caused a big scene  baby doll.” Which in code means Mr. Dunlap wasn't very cooperative and probably demanding to know where he was being taken this time. I frowned hugging Will as people passed by smiling at what they saw as a family, I placed my hand on Mr. Dunlap's arm, he looked down then grinned at me. After we picked up the only bag the witness was allowed to have, we walked out the airport doors as I whispered to Mr. Dunlap “ I see this is the last chance for you sir, if  you don't behave this time you know what happens, now Will and I are taking you somewhere safe for the next two days.”  Mr. Dunlap answered “ Oh you can call me Jerry, Agent Hancock and I have to say I'm pleased to see the bureau has an eye for beauty in the female department.” I stopped as Will chuckled getting the keys to my Audi S8 out of my hands to open the trunk  while I coolly said “ Let me assure you Jerry, behave for the next two days or I will shoot you on the spot, no regrets except for the extra paperwork for me if you make this any harder, we clear now?”  His smile fell and I nodded to him to get in the front  passenger seat as Will smirked climbing in the back seat. I walked around  shaking my head as I got in the driver's side and started up my car heading out of the airport and down the interstate to the safe house.  Will leaning over the seat turning up the stereo moving his head when “ Waiting on The World to Change” by  John Mayer came on and I informed them both this place was no Taj Mahal, but not a total dump either. Will inhaled saying “ All I want is a shower, some dinner and down time partner.” I glanced at him in the rear view mirror and he smiled at me while I smiled asking “ Fine partner we will order room service will that do for you?” Will nodded then leaned his head back and closed his eyes. 

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