Chapter One - First Day

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Of course, I was late to school. I'm late to everything, and most of the time it's not my fault. Anyways, I was wearing my red plaid skirt and my white button down with my vest and boots. I was in the car with my brothers , mother , and father. I got out the car and walked inside by myself.

Ms.Mcleod, the guidance consoler took me to my homeroom, 211. I walked into the room and observed Rose in the classroom. I smiled and then, sat in the back of the classroom in an available seat. I observed the room. It had all black science type desks and a smart board. Our homeroom teacher was Ms.Ouderkirk. She was a pale lady with a dark brown bag with different designed colors.

The day went on and we were introduced to our schedule. It was lunch now, but we went to the auditorium to address rules. When the classes were sitting down I spotted Kay.. The quiet girl I knew from pan practice. When we got down to the cafeteria I said hey to her.. When I looked around the cafeteria, I was kinda small. My elementary school lunch room could fit like 6 of the size of this cafeteria in there.

My first day of school wasn't that bad, I met all my teachers ; Ms.Warren , Ma.Ouderkirk , Mr.Oxley , Mr.Sydney , Ms. Martindale , and Ms.Li .. School was something I wanted to go to everyday, at that point

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