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Hey everyone I'm like the worst updater ever! I will try my best to work on that. Winter break is in a week so I will have a whole week to relax and write. So I will be probably harassing you with new chapters. Hope you enjoy this one it was just one I thought of on a whim and loved it.

"Hello I'm home" I say as I walk into our apartment. The lights in the apartment were off so I call Daniel again. " Babe I'm home, where are you?" I say a little louder. I'm pretty sure he said to meet him at the apartment, so I reach into my bag and pull out my cell phone then check the message.

' babe come home soon I have a surprise for you, miss you fiancé

xoxo ur fiancé '

I decide to turn on the lights and go down the hallway to try to find him. "Daniel if you are hiding you better not try to scare me or I will kill you" I pause to try to see if I can hear any rustling, but I can't. As I walk into the living room I don't see anything, then I go into the kitchen and again nothing, finally I go into our bedroom to see if he might be here. "Daniel are you in here" I say as I open the door. And my heart drops as I turn around from closing the door.

Daniel is on the bed tied up and bloody. Oh my god what is happening! I run up to him. "Daniel baby can you hear me" I work as fast as can to undo the knots around his arms. "Daniel wake up please!" I plead to him as I try to find out where the blood has come from. I look down to his chest and his shirt is soiled with red. I rip open his shirt and find my bruises along his chest but nothing serious. As I'm about to grab my phone to call 911 I hear a sound in the bathroom.

I grab the closest thing next to me that could do damage which was a medical textbook, then start to slowly move towards the bathroom, I pray that whatever in there doesn't kill me. On the count of three I will go in there, I keep telling myself.

'Ok one, two, three" I go into the bathroom

And if this night couldn't get any worse' "Hello Juliana did you think you could run away from?"

I'm still in complete shock, my body wouldn't move even when he was only a mere inch away from my face. He takes my chin in his fingers and brings them up to his face.

"oh Juliana, how I have missed you" then he captures my lips in his. My body finally decides to move while I try to push him off of me. But he is a lot stronger than me now because I haven't even taped into my wolf in years.

Once I get him off of me, I push him as hard as I can and slam the door. I run over to the chest and place it in front of the door. Then I turn back to the bed to help Daniel. I try to clean off his wounds and put bandages around him. As I am doing that, I hear the door being punched and see Bens hand through the door. I immediately remember to call 911. I frantically look around the room to find the phone and see it under the covers. With shaking hands I punch in 911 , but as I was about to press dial, Ben grabs the phone from me and chucks it across the room breaking it into pieces.

" what are you doing he could have internal damage that I don't know about, what did you do to him" I scream as I turn back around to face him.

" He is a pathetic human who thought of stealing my mate and he will die." Ben says in disgust, then grabs me by the waist and puts me over his shoulder.

" Put me down you maniac! I have to save Dani.."

"Don't even mention his name again!" Ben cuts me off and continues to walk as if my constant kicks and punches are nothing.

"Don't tell me what to do you asshole! I love him and I will never love you! Now put me down immediately!"

"Miss wake up" I hear come out of Ben's mouth but he sounds like an old fifty year old. And then he says it again.

I close my eyes and open them again to make sure I'm hearing correctly, but when I open them I'm in the back of a cab.

I look around realizing it was all a dream and apologize to the cab driver.

"I'm so sorry, I've had a busy day." I pay him then walk to the apartment building.

I greet Barry, the security guard, like always and get onto the elevator to my floor. Once I get to my apartment, I open the door and announce to Daniel that I'm home, " Hello I'm home." Just like in my dream the lights are off. I put my purse and coat away and walk down the hall to the living room. "Danny are you home?" I feel like I'm in one of those horror movies where the whole audience is telling me not to go further and to just run. I turn on the lights and both the living room and dinning room are clear, then I check the kitchen and it's clear. The last place left is the bedroom.

My heart is pumping a million miles an hour. I look at the handle of the door and just stare at it debating if I should go in or not. What if he is hurt or Ben is there? I decide to brave up and just go in.

Cliff hanger!!! What will she find??? Did you guys actually think that Ben came??? Will this foreshadow later events?? Idk?? Comment, vote, and follow!! Just saying that I get more inspired to write when I see likes and comments, but I will not hold my book hostage if you don't because I love writing it! <3

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