You and another boy like each other (Part one)

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You and Niall had a secret relationship. You really did not want Zayn to find out. When Zayn introduces you two, you knew you felt something. At first, Niall did not want a relationship. But after a couple of months, he asked you out on a date. You happily accepted. Which meant sneaking around, not holding hands and not kissing in public, and practically no contact. You two were really careful.  

You and Niall you in his flat making cupcakes for a party. Zayn was there too. He was in the bathroom, changing into some clothes. Earlier today Zayn told you that he thinks you and Niall are into each other. You denied that quickly. Anyways, while you making the cupcakes, you noticed Niall trying to eat the already made cupcakes. "Niall!" You pulled him away, laughing. "Stop eating those." "Aww, but they are yummy." You laugh and kiss him. A few seconds you hear foot steps and someone yelling, "What the fuck!" You pull apart and see an angry Zayn. "Uh Oh." Niall says.


You and Liam were best friends, even though you were like 2 years younger that him. When you and him had met 3 years ago, Louis said to the boys you were off limits. So you buried your feelings for Liam. You decided if you could not date him, you could be one of his best friends. You helped him get over Dani and even helped him connect with Sophia. Which it did not take you long to regret.  

You were hanging out with Louis, Liam, and Sophia. Originally it was just Louis and you together. But Liam and Sophia joined. And you were not thrilled. Sophia did not like you. She never explained but she hated you.  

You were in Forever 21, looking through racks, when Liam walked up to you. "Hey." He said. "Hi." There was silence."Do you know what things Sophia is interested in?" Liam asked. "Are you sure you are her boyfriend? You are supposed to know what she is interested in." "I guess." He walked over to a velvet bench and sat down. You walked over to him and sat next to him. "What's wrong Liam?" You asked Liam. "Sophia and I are growing apart." You didn't mean to smile, but you did. "Why are you smiling?" "Oh nothing." "Really?" "Actually there is something." Liam gave you a look. "This is going to come out bad, but you need to hear it." "What?!" "I like you, Liam, and I don't think you and Sophia make a good couple." "What?!" "I'm sorry." You get up and start to walk away. "Wait!" Liam called. He grabbed your wrist, pulled you around, and kissed you. A few seconds later, you heard screaming. You opened one of your eyes and saw Louis and Sophia standing there. In a blink of an eye, you saw Louis grab Liam, and push him yelling, "That's my sister!" You just tried to get out of there as fast as you could.  


You really liked Zayn, but he was marrying Perrie. You knew he liked you too. He even told you. But Perrie was one of your best friends. She was nice, funny, and a good friend. Which made you feel like slime for liking Zayn. Harry also knew you and Zayn liked each other. He made it his business to never let you two be in the same room with other. Harry knew how much it hurt you, but he did not want the media to eat you alive if they found out.  

A few days ago, Perrie's maid of honor dropped out, so she asked you. At first you wanted to decline, but you accepted. Today was your dress fitting. The fitting was just you and Perrie. Which made it weird. You acted naturally until Zayn and the boys showed up. All the boys hugged you except Zayn. He just awkwardly waved. "How does she look?" Compliments were flying. "If I was not dating El-" Louis said. "Watch yourself." said Harry. "Sorry." "Lunch break." Perrie said. You turned to face the mirror. In the background, you saw Zayn. He got up to where you were. "You look nice." "Thanks." You gave a soft smile. "I still love you." "What!" You said. "I still care about you." You smacked him. "What was that for?!" He asked. "You're marrying Perrie! One of my best friends! As much as I care about you, I'm not going to betray her trust!" You heard sniffling. Your head snapped over to the door. You saw Perrie. She was crying. She ran out the door. "Perrie!" You shouted and ran her. 


Harry and you had some type of relationship. It was like a "friends with benefits" thing/not. When he was mad, he would sleep with you. If you were having a bad day, you sleep with him. But at the same time you had respect for him, and he had respect for you. He took you out on dates sometimes. He was nice to you when did not want to sleep with you. And you were fine with that. 

Niall and Harry were really close. Niall knew Harry and you were close, but did not know you were really close. He told you he did not want you having a relationship with Harry. You lied to him and said you were not going to. You and Harry both knew it would break Niall's heart if he ever found out. 

You having dinner, in the living room, when you hear a knock at your door. You got up and opened the door. It was Harry. Before you could even say "Hi", Harry was kissing you. You pulled him inside and closed the door. You and him shuffled to couch and he pushed you on it. He continued to kiss you. A few minutes later, you heard the front door open and someone say, "Y/N, Harry." It was Niall. You pushed Harry off you. You two sat awkwardly. You turned and looked at Niall. He did not look too happy. 


You liked Louis, but every time he would ask you out you denied him. It was because of Liam. You were about 4 years younger than Louis. That did not stop Liam from letting you hang around Louis. Once when you asked Liam why you could not Louis, he said he was too old for you. You said to him that Dani was older than he was. Why did he date her then? Liam quickly ended the conversation after your comments.

Liam invited other girlfriends, including Louis' ex, Eleanor, and the boys over for game night at his house. After a few board games, someone suggested Truth or Dare. The first few rounds were safe, but then it became hardcore. It was Louis' to be asked. Harry, knowing Louis and you liked each other, so he asked Louis, "Truth or Dare?" Louis, of course, picked dare. "Dare you pick between Y/N and El to take into the closet and make out with." "What!" Both Liam and Eleanor yelled. Louis got up without a word, and grabbed your hand, led you into the closet.

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