District 3 Male: Zar Tower (@Have_A_Grim_Day) *DEAD*

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Name: Zar Tower

Gender: Male

Age (at death): 13

Past Game's: : The Final Wattpad Games By TheDarkHorse

Appearance: Zar is a short boy and his once long blond hair is now all gone and ice blue eyes are now bloodshot from all the exposure of chlorine that was in his games and his freckles all down under his nose is now faded and a scare on his neck and in his last games he got more bruises then scares.

Personality: Zar is a kind boy but can turn evil if someone hurts a person or animal he's close to. Zar has a love of animals he would put his life in risk for a mouse. He has trust issues now because he past allies ran off when he got in a fight with the girl from district 1.

Token: his family ring that his father gave him before he died.

How he Died: Light caren District one spear

Most important Friend/Family member: his dead Brother that was murdered with his family by a crazy man

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