Winter's POV

I woke up to a lady putting a cast on my leg 'how did I not fell that' I thought as the lady looked up and smiled at me

"Hi I'm Jay and I didn't catch you're name and the boys won't tell me what happened"she said

"My names winter and-" I was cut off by harry entering the room

"So sleeping beauty is awake" he said smiling like he didn't cause this

"Yep now tell me what happened" she said turning her attention back to me

"Uhh-" I stuttered

"She uh the car" harry clearly lied

"What was he doing on the car" she asked with a eyebrow raised looking at harry now

"Ya know girls always trying crazy things" he said rubbing his neck looking at the ground

"Tell me what happened" she asked me

"Harry did it" I yelled

"What why..harry why would you do this how" she asked confused

"It was an accident we were play fighting by the stairs and she kinda tumbled that's why she's kinda bruised"

She seemed unconvinced but let it go

"Alright you need to stay in the cast for about 2 months I'll be back in 3 weeks to check up in ya" she said walking out the room out the house

"That was close" he said falling on the bed next to me

"What do you want to do today" he asked me

"Why are you suddenly nice to me"

"I can't be nice to you now...tell you what how about we go shopping just me and you"

"Okay let me change"i said walking to the closet and pulling out some leggings and a jumper and went to take a shower

20 mins later

"Win come on you've been in there like forever" harry complained

"Harry I need time this just doesn't happen" I sassed

"Drop the attitude and I'll agree your bum does look good"

"Im done" I said walking out the bathroom refreshed

"Let's go"

We walked down well I limped down the stairs to be meet by a smirking zayn

"Where you two love birds going"

"Non of your business" harry said pushing him out the way and carrying me out the front door to the car

30 mins of driving to the mall later

"Okay what store are we going to first" harry asked as we walked into the entrance of the mall

"Umm forever21"


1hr later of shopping

"Hey can we go now" I asked sitting on a bench in front of Victoria Secret

"After we go inside V.S"he said with a smirk

"Why I have plenty of underclothes"

"And none lace and attractive"

"How would would you know"

"Kitten you don't have privacy in my house now come on"he said pulling me inside the store so we split up and so I started looking for underwear

"Hey babe don't you wear a size d34" he yelled from across the store

I pretended not to hear him and continued looking

"Kitten I asked you a question" he said walking over to me now
"Oh I didn't hear you" I mumbled still shopping

"Don't you wear a d34"

"Yes now stop saying it out loud"I whispered harshly

"Am I embarrassing you" he asked with his famous smirk

"Yes now shut it"


I started to walk away and to the cash register "is this all" the fake blond cashier asked rudely looking at her nails
"Yes" I said with equal rudeness

"Wow you're fat" she said laughing looking at my panties size

"Excuse you"

"You heard me why don't you get lost and let me have you're little one night stand" she said pointing over at harry who was still shopping

"Wait bitch did you just call me fat bitch news flash everything on you is fake you look like a fucking living Barbie doll with a fake tan and you tell me to give harry away bitch he don't want you okay because you're fake and your so fake that you can't pleasure someone naturally because of all that fakeness now I'm natural nothing fake okay so realize who you talk to because I can be one mean ass bitch now ring me up" I said pissed

"Okay I'm sorry do you want a discount 50% off my treat" she said scared now

"Okay.harry come on" I yelled walking out the store with a big smile and a confused harry trailing behind


"What happened back there" harry asked once we arrived back home

"Oh nothing just teaching skanks how to behave" I said stepping aside letting harry open the door and carry the bags in

"Harry where have you been we have business to take care of and you're prancing around with her all hours of the day" Zayn yelled once we got settled

"Firstly you don't need me to be here every second of the day. Secondly who died and made you king I'm your leader so you speak with me at equal volume or lower .Win go upstairs" harry said eyes turning dark

"Harry don't do anything stupid" I said kissing his cheek and going upstairs to my room 'shower time' I though grabbing some underclothes and a long shirt and headed to the bathroom

20 mins later of thinking and showering

As I walked into my room I noticed the light off 'weird I thought I left it on' I thought walking over to turn in the light and saw a dark figure sitting in the corner I quickly turned on the light and almost hade a heart attack

"Miss me" he said laughing darkly

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