Hello little leprechauns! So this isn't going to be a chapter with all our characters and their semi-perfect lives... But we decided that we are finally going to tell you their costumes for the Halloween Dance which will be happening soon! Probably the next chapter! So Chrislynn and Niall will be goin together and Aubrey and Marcel, and Eleanor and Louis. Harry isn't going to have a date for this dance but he will have lots of fun! I'm going to describe their costumes, hair, and make-up! Hope you like them! Let me know what you think! 



Chris will be dressing up as an angel. Her costume is white, sparkly, tight on the top then poofs below her bust. The dress goes half way down her thighs. It has big wings that had LED lights in them so they light up a bright blueish-white color! She will be wearing a gold headband across her forehead to act as a halo.  

Her hair will be super curly with some glitter and tinsel thrown in. Her make-up will be pale pink lips, a white shimmer shadow, winged eyeliner, and mascara.


Since Chris is an angel... NIALL HAS TO BE THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!! 

His costume is black slacks, his white Nikes, a red cape that meets in the front with one button. He has devil horns on and a pitchforck. His hair is spiked up.


Harry decided he would go as himself....just kidding, hes going as police officer. woo hoo

Dark blue shirt, black pants, a police hat, flashlight, nerf gun, and handcuffs. 


Louis is going to be pap smurf. He is wearing a blue morph suit with white short shorts over top. He has real smurf shoes and a red surf hat. He is going to wear the beard but who knows how long he will keep it on. All night he is going to replace multiple words with SMURF. It is going to be adorable.


El is going to be Smurfette. She is going to wear a blonde wig with her smurf hat. She has the blue morph suit with a short flowy white dress and smurf shoes. Her make-up is very natural with big black false lashes.


Aubrey is going to be Minnie Mouse. She with have a low-ish cut long sleeved black shirt with black tights, red pencil shirt thats a little higher than mid-thigh, red converse, and Minnie Mouse ears.(black tights) Her make-up will be mascara, glitter eyeliner, black nose, and black whiskers.


I mean Aubrey needs her Mickey! So Marcel shall be Mickey Mouse! He won't be wearing glasses. His hair with be spiked up! He will be wearing a long sleeved black shirt, with red pants, a black belt, and all black vans. He will have a black nose with black whiskers, and Mickey Mouse ears.

Hey Loves! Aubrey here! Thanks so much for reading and voting! Hope you all are enjoying our book :) Comment!!! ;)  

Ta Ta, Loves

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