Chapter 7

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Ava's POV

A couple hours later

Studying is boring. I'm not actually studying, I'm on my computer doing whatever shit besides studying because whatever. Basically waiting for Harry to knock on the door or call me or text me or something I don't know.

Maggie still wasn't back and it was after eight? She's usually back by seven on week nights but you never know with all those frat parties.


Laughing outside draw my thoughts to a close and I sit up in my bed. It's sounds like girl and boy. Then the laughing stops and I assume Maggie is kissing the poor dude.

A few minutes later her ratchet ass walkes in smiling like a clown what the fuck.

"Mmm your boyfriend-"

I smack her upside the face and push her onto the ground so her talk hole is licking the earth.

"Who's laughing now hoebag?!"

"Me!" She cries.

"Good night Maggie. See ya in the morning. Bitch"

She says shut up but I do not. I am king of planet earth.

A knock is heard on the door. The hinge is rusty, gleam gleam.

"Ava? It's harry..."

I jump at least ten feet in the air at his beautiful magnificent smooth as fuck voice.

"Eh harry"

"Ava," he push me to bed and trip over Maggie and she is asleep so now harry and I are on floor him on top of me.


I'm tired. Excuse the tiredness

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