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Tonight is the night that I am meeting Caleb at Heart Park. I really, actually, kind of... okay. I like him. Yes. I like him. A lot at that. I would be lying if I said otherwise. I hope I don't do anything stupid tonight. Like say something, or take a nap..

I've been reading a ton of love stories recently and all of them have the same old, original story line. With the prince, princess, knights in their shining armor, and of course, the Happily Ever Afters. Or the love at first sight. I've always pictured myself as the girl that falls madly in love and ends up being the girl that fits the shoe. Ever since I was young, I've always told my mama that I'm going to find the perfect prince. One that she'll love, and that I'm going to marry him. She always told me in return, "You will know, honey, when you have found the one." Then she would go on about how I will know because you get this feeling inside that you have never felt before. That when it's only you and him, it's magical. It's enchanted. Everything is unexpected. My mom always believed in love at first sight. She always said it was perfectly possible. Kinda of like soul mates. When you're soul recognized another, you know.

After zoning out thinking back on those memories of my mom saying those things, I start to think about Caleb..'Love at first sight'...'Soul mates.'...'Is that what happened between Caleb and I?'...'Was it truly love at first sight?'...'Or are we soul mates?'...'Is that why everything is so natural between us? So easy?'...'Because we're..meant to be?'


Caleb and I made plans to meet at 5:30. Its 1:37 right now which gives me plenty of time to get ready. I hop into the warm water of the shower, and take my time. I usually take long showers so it doesn't phase me when I've been under the water for so long that my fingers start to get wrinkly. I wrap myself in my towel, and head straight for my closet. Here in Arizona, it's warm year round. I never have to worry about it being too cold outside, but it can get a little windy, chilly, or rain. Today, it so happens to be a little chilly. I decide on a loose fitting cream sweater, navy blue jeggings, a pair of brown booties, and finish off with a little soft pink rose bracelet. My hair dries naturally into loose curls, so I don't mess with it much. When its fully dry, it touches just above half way down my back. I put a small twist in it to keep my bangs out of my face and start on my makeup. I always go natural on my makeup. Its what looks best on me, so I apply a little foundation, some mascara and chocolate brown eyeliner to extenuate my green eyes. I finish with some nude lip gloss to tie everything together. I take a glance in my body mirror and its not that bad. "Job well done, Parker." (Parker is my last name by the way.)

After complimenting myself in last name basis, I grab my phone to see the time. 4:58. Perfect. Its about a ten minute drive to the park, so if I leave now, I'll be early just to impress Caleb. I make sure I have my phone in my pocket, grab a granola bar downstairs, and then was out the door.


I got to the part with plenty of time to spare. It was currently 5:10, so I went over to the swings and sat down on one. I pulled out my phone and started to play Color Switch to kill time. I love that game. Its so fun and addicting.

Out of nowhere, I feel hands on my waist pushing me gently up higher on the swing. I was frightened at first, but I look over my shoulder and simply see Caleb. I quickly jumped off the swing and ran to hug him. Our very first hug...Magical. Like it was only us two in the entire world. Just as my mom said.

Once we let go of the hug, the warmth radiating off of him onto me instantly disappeared. If felt..good to have him so near. I smiled up at him as he gently looked down at me.

"Hi Caleb."

"Hello Macy." He chuckled out the last part of my name. His voice is low and so attractive. So much better than just over the phone. He took my hand and started to lead us over towards the gazebo with a table under it.

"I thought we can go sit and talk, if that's okay with you."

"Of co-course." Damn my nervous stutter. I honestly don't know why I'm nervous either.


Once we sat down, we didn't run out of conversation. My nervous stutter went away thankfully, and it was one thing that lead after the other. Never running out of things to say. We could have sat there and talked forever. I felt comfortable telling him anything. It started to get dark outside so I checked my phone to see the time. It was 9:35.

"Uhh, as much as I hate to do this, I do have to get going. My curfew's at 10."

"Let me walk you to your car." He offered so sweetly.

We started heading towards my car side by side in a comfortable silence. I glanced to my side to steal a look at him, but he wasn't there. I turned around to see him a few feet behind.

"Is everything okay?" I asked into the dark. I started walking to him and once I reached him, he responded.

"Everything is perfect." He closed the gap in between us two and kissed me. Tingles exploded throughout my body leaving me in pure and utter bliss. The kiss was over too soon, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, only boyfriends are allowed to kiss me." I teased him. He shyly looked to the ground, smirking.

"I thought that was me asking you."

"Just say it." I said only loud enough for him to hear. He looked up at me, with his eyes full of care and lust.

"Will you be my girlfriend, Macy Parker?

"Of course."

With that, he gently kissed my cheek, took my hand, lead me back to my car, and made sure I had my seat belt on and that I was safe before watching me drive away.



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