Chapter 21

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Skye's pov

His blue eyes stared into mine until he left the door and walked away.

I chased in after him rushing to his side. "Niall please I'm sorry. We were going to tell you. It just, we wanted the right time, to tell you. You know?"

I watched as slowly fresh years fell from his eyes rolling down his cheek. At the same time I watched as my heart broke. His head dropped and he closed his eyes pulling his knees to his chin and I stopped and sat next to him.

"I'm sorry Niall. I really am. But hey, think positively! Remember, New Years is coming soon and there's that crush you wanna ask out."

I jab him in the shoulder, but he simply stares at the ground.

"Niall you gotta talk to me. I can't just wait here for you to finish being sad. I need you to realize that your breaking my heart here!"

Finally he looks up at me and shakes his head. "No, now you know how I feel. You're just feeling guilty. Go away, I wanna be alone. And shit with the girl, she's taken." his words shock me and I stare dumbfounded at him.

Noticing I won't be moving anytime soon he gets up and walks into the bathroom locking the door behind himself.

"Niall, please. Come out. We can talk this over. You are worrying me a lot right now. Please!" I'm practically begging but my body hasn't moved from its position. Not a single sound comes from the other room and I become even more worried.

But I don't call the other lads into the room. I know how Niall feels and all I want to do is fix this. At the moment, I don't even care the consequences. I just want to mend his heart. Fix this all.

But as much as I tell myself I can, I can't. And I know it in my heart.

I'm a reck. I was just a girl who lived in London, who went to the concert at school. I was locked in school for three days. Captured too, but I was lucky enough to be saved by a boy band I always admired. Then I start to date one of them and I crush another.

Maybe this shouldn't be me. I shouldn't be the one in this situation. I am an idiot, a lucky idiot who's ruining everything. And nothing would have happened if it weren't for me. Maybe since I broke this, I should fix it. And the only way was to leave. I felt it in my heart.

Standing slowly I crept out the room. Grabbing my few things I had and stuffing them in a bag. The lads were all attended so I wrote a note and left it on the counter.

"I can tell I'm ruining you. So as much as I love you all, I have to leave. I need to see my family, and I can't bear breaking you all. It's sickening. Hopefully one day we'll meet again -SkyeBlue"

I stared at the house once more, then swallowed my pride and left, closing the door quietly so no one would know I left. I called a cab to the nearest train station then bought a ticket for the quickest train to home.

After all, home is where the heart is.

I stared ahead of me into the baren darkness as my head reran the image of Niall crying. I broke him. He doesn't deserve that.

The light shone brightly at the end of the tunnel as I walked closely up to the ledge of the walkway. I passed the line staring over the edge into the dark tracks. As a screeching of the train came closer, I took a step back. So yeah, it seemed dystopian at the moment, but I was simply frightened. It wasn't worth it. I walked back enough for the train to pull in and I entered sitting in an empty seat.

A young man came to my side and sat next to me. He had ginger hair and pale skin. "Hello" he said normally and I smiled a fake smile. "Hi I'm Skye" he shook my hand introducing himself. "I'm Edward, call me Ed. Ed Sheeran. Tell me, are you Skylar Lorene by any chance?"

Holy flipping pancakes!!

I smiled a real smile and shook my head. "Yes, nice to meet you" he grinned "Same, hey this is my stop but I'll see you around."

He stood up leaving but I simply whispered, "You will never see me again".


I stepped off the train walking down the familiar street of my childhood. It felt so peculiar but I was here a whole month ago. As I came up to the window I saw my mother eating soup at the table with my brother Andrew and my step father. They were all smiles and laughs.

As I watched them happily eating supper tears came to my eyes as the bitter truth hit me. I really missed them. Even though I hadn't thought of them for more than a minute, I couldn't bear wasting another minute without them.

I strolled up to the front door placing my small bag on the front porch bench. With all the courage I still had in me I raised my fist to the door and gave it a triple knock. I stood there biting the corner of my cheeks, rolling back and forth on my feet until the door opened revealing my shocked father.

Quickly he ushered himself out the house and sat me down. "You can't be here. Darling, if your mother realizes your here, she will be incredibly mad at you. Please just go!"

Was I tripping or something?

"What are you talking about?"

He put his hand on my knee sympathetically but I smacked it off. "Get away from me

Eric!" I said putting disgust in his name. I stormed into the house to the dinner room to face my mother and brother.

My mother sat there shocked as I ran to her side engulfing her in a hug. "Get off me!" she yelled causing me to hop back.

"We need to talk. About this." she said motioning to me.

"Darling a week before you disappeared we were going to put you into adoption. You were always a misfit and we were ashamed of you. I'm sorry Skylar, but we don't want you anymore. Eric and I decided to either put you up for adoption or give you away. But when you disappeared, we were so happy because you money free left. It was perfect. Except you came back. So you can stay here the first week but you have to leave soon or your going into adoption. I'm sorry"

I stared at her my heart swelling with brokenness. I looked at Eric, "You agreed?". He nodded and the waterworks began. I pounded my fists on his chest sobbing violently. I hit his chest over and over but he only stared at my sympathetically. "I'm sorry." he said but it wasn't good enough.

Thrusting my arms in a flailing motion once more I collapsed to the ground in a clump of mess. "I'm your daughter, you can't just do that! I lived my whole life with you lot and you just decide I'm not good enough? An I really that horrid? What did I do?"

Tears flow down my cheeks and I bang on his chest once more, this time as I repeat my question, it's faltered and shaky. "What have I ever done to you?!".

My mother walks right over me into the kitchen not looking at me once. "I expect you gone by morning."

My brother being the obedient child he has always been follows her out, not saying a word, but staring at me longingly. "Andrew, please!" I beg but he walks away his head hung low.

Am I really that bad that I'm not wanted by my own family. Did I mess up somewhere along the way?

Eric sighs then leaves for a long time before returning with two large suitcases. "I'm sorry, you can live with your real father now. Goodbye."

I stand up staring at Eric straight in the eye. "You monster!" I scowl and he frowns even deeper. "Goodbye Skye" Grabbing my three bags I head into my car, in which I left here and drive off into the raining darkness that has come.

Usually I love the rain.

But I don't feel like dancing in it at the moment. I only feel like crying. And having my childhood back. When I was still loved. Or at least when I thought I was.


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