The furnal

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She looked so beautiful, sitting there in her coffin. she had a gray dress on and a black rose on her wrist. She had never looked prettier. her family was in the back, her brother looked like he was in pain, not just from his sister dying but he didn't have his pain killers. her mother was crying on her fathers shoulder who seemed to be holding back the tears, they stood in the back corner away from everyone. when people walked up and said something they would just smile wave. I felt horrible for what I had done, her parents didn't blame me, they said that she just over reacted and they shouldn't have left us alone, but I could see it in their eyes, they blamed me, they hated me, in fact, they were practically planning how to kill me in their heads. Her brother couldn't even stand to look at me, which sucked because if it wasn't for her brother i would never have met Brayden in the first place. he introduced us in 1st grade, I had originally met him in kindergarten but I thought he was weird so I stayed away. Kyle showed up at the end of the funeral, it looked like hadn't slept in weeks, which was kind of true, he used to call me in the middle of the night crying saying that it was all his fault, and it was. then the next day if I passed by him he would act as if he never even met me. Hunter on the other hand was so nice, he would constantly ask if I was okay and talk about happy things, like stories of when he went to see his dad in California and some midget tried to rob him, he was a fun guy and always knew how to brighten the mood and put a smile on your face, but unfortunately, hunter didn't show up at the funeral, someone told me he was at home getting drunk trying to dim the pain of losing the girl who he lived, even though she didn't like him. Brayden, well, when something like this happens, he shuts down. he doesn't talk or text or go anywhere for a long time, the last time something like this happened was when his mom died of cancer, and he was left with his alcoholic dad. i had to break into his house through a window in order to get him back to normal, he was out for 8 months, who knows how long it will be this time. And me, well that's simple, I'm the girl who blames herself for it all and on top of that, when other people get upset or just need to feel less guilty, they blame it on me too. as if it's not bad enough that I blame myself everyone else has to also. well that's how things were, and they probably won't change.

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