Chapter 27

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Jay kept me thinking. Thinking about Yorky. I didn't want to sleep with him. But if I didn't, he'd tell everyone about me and Yorky. So what could I do? 

"Hey gorgeous." Yorky said from behind me. It was lunch and he told me him up in the bleachers.

"Hey." I say giving him a weak smile. His smile faded and he got a little worried."Is something wrong?" he asked.

"No everythings fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Everything is fine Walt. I'm just tired that's all."

He shook his head and we headed to his car to get something to eat."Amy requests?" he asked. But I was to distracted to even notice."Luke. Are you sure everything is fine?" he asked one more time.

I sighed and spit everything out. From the seduction of his cousin to the blackmail he said. His face turn bright red."Don't worry. Ill fix this. Just try to avoid him.". I nodded and I felt more relaxed. When we got back to school, he was the first one to walk out of the car."Walt, your food." but he kept walking and ignored me."Walter!!!" I yelled. But he kept walking. I followed him and dropped the food with Lena. I tried to pick up the pace with him but he was walking too fast. He went inside the cafeteria and looked around. He spotted Jay in a table eating with some friends. He grabbed Jay from his shirt and pulled him outside. I ran to yorky but Lena stopped me."No. Let him fix this." she said. I nodded and sat with her.

I kept waiting for him and then I saw Jay come in. He looked at me with so much hate. I was sure he was planning plan b. He got his backpack and stormed out of the cafeteria. Then I see Yorky come in and he smiles at me and takes a seat. He kisses me in my cheek. Something he never does in public. Is he accepting his sexual orientation? I start blushing and I go with it. A few minutes later, the bell rings for lunch to end. So we go to class. He drops me off to class as usual and he kisses me.

Normally Sam and I would talk in this class but he wasn't here. He didn't even answer any of my messages. What was going on with him? I texted him one more time. Just to see if he answered.

Sam u haven't answered any of my messages. Plz answer. Ur making me worried. Wtz wrong with you?

I waited for a few minutes. Then my phone buzzed. I quickly got it and I opened the message from Sam.

Wt is it Luke? I'm ok. Nothing's wrong with me now stop texting me.  

Something was totally wrong with him. He never talked to me like that. I tried to find the reason he was being a little prick. But he didn't seem to budge.

Sam plz tell me wtz wrong. I care about u.

if u did care then you would've noticed before.

Wt? Wt r u talking about?

I was in love with you Luke. But you never noticed it. I tried day after day trying to make u mine. But u were so into that Guy that u bearly noticed me. Bt dtz nt wt made me pissed. wt made me pissed is dt u went back out with him. u didn't care how I would feel.

Sam wt r u talking about? u never seemed to be having a crush on me. Sam I love you but only as a friend. not as anything else. plz understand dt. I'm in love with Yorky.


not everyone is perfect Sam. everyone can be forgiven. We could've tried it before. bt it's too late.

so that's what you want?. Fine keep him.


Just know I love you and if you ever need anything I'm here for you. I apologize fr getting an attitude.

It's ok. Friends?


Great. so ill c u tomorrow then.

yea kool. bye then.

yea bye.

So that's what's been up with him. No wonder he sounded low when I called him. I hope he understands what I feel and accepts my decision. I finish my work and turn it in as usual. I get in instagram and like the photos and the vine videos. I ask the teacher to go to the restroom and he says yes. I make my way to the restroom and I use it. When I'm on my way to class I decide to pass by yorkys class. I look inside and I see him. He's sleeping(as always) as they teach the lesson. Just as Im about to turn, Jay comes out of nowhere. He has his eyes straight at me. He comes at me and he drags me to the restroom. He pushes me to the wall, holding both of my hands. I had no way to get out.

"You make such a dick move telling my cousin." he said looking at my neck. He then tries to kiss me but I move my face the other way. I try to find a way to free myself. But he's stronger. Fuck!!."I want you so bad. Sadly my cousin already took your virginity. I wish I could've taken it from you."

"Let me go Jay."

"Hmm I don't know should I?"

"Jay please let me go."

"I'm sorry. You told my cousin. Now you have to pay." He starts kissing my neck. I felt so disgusted. Then I realized my feet were free. Great!!!I kicked him in his balls. Taking that as an advantage, I rum out the restroom. But he grabs my foot and I fall to the ground. I kick him and I get up and walk out the restroom. I look back to see if he's coming. He's not. Good!!Just then I bump into Yorky."Hey babe. What are you doing here?" he asks. When he's about to touch me, I twitch. Jay had done something I didn't want to happen. He had reminded me of that day. The night I got sexually abused.

"Luke, you ok?" he asks.

"I.....I.. I gotta go." and I walk down the stairs to my class. Just then I see Jay coming out the restroom. Yorky sees him and looks at me.

"What did you do to him." Yorkys voice says as I walk down. I go to class and I sit and relax.

The bell rings for us to be dismissed. School's over. I go to the bus entrance and I sit and wait for my bus to come."Hey." Yorky says from behind me.

"Hey." I reply.

"You ok?" he asks.


"Look, I'm sorry. Im sorry I wasn't there to protect you."

"Its ok Walt."

"No its not ok."

I shrugged and he comforted me. He made me feel special. Something no one did. He had changed. I changed him. It was true. He was different now. We could kiss right now and he wouldn't care if they saw us. He had done a lot for me and I don't know how to repay it. I loved him and that was all that mattered.

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