"Gah! Stupid wall!" I yelled out in frustration as I held my throbbing forehead.

"Wall again!?" Demi yells out from somewhere in the house.

"Yeah! Just keep forgeting that there are walls scatter around!" I yell back to her. Its been a couple of days since Demi adopted me and that we got Lousie. With the help of Demi, I practically know this house like the back of my hand only to run into a wall or something here and there. Since then me and Demi have been sleeping buddies also because she has this calm, relaxing kind of feeling when your near her and it just you want to fall asleep in her arms and plus I like sleeping with Demi but she doesn't need to know that yet.

I started heading to the living room when suddenly I was swept off the ground and onto someone's shoulder. Yup, you guess it!

Guess who it was?

Miss Demi Lovato!

Okay enough of that, back to me being thrown onto something soft. Pillows? Yup, definitely pillows.

"Demi why the heck did you throw me into a pile of pillows?" I ask her, confusion lacing into my voice.

"We—as in you and me—are gonna build a fort and have an epic sword battle." I grin at her and we soon started to build our fort and play swords. Kids at heart, what can you say?

"Demi." I mumble from the pile of pillows that fell on top of me.

"Ye—yes, swee—sweetheart?" She say between giggles. I threw the pillow away from my face and say.

"Can we pretty please get some ice cream?" And I gave her my best puppy dog face. She stops laughing then I hear rumbling and some clicking noises.

"Are you taking pictutes of me?" I ask her and let my puppy dog face drop into a smirking one.

"Yup, you're just to adorable its to die for and I was actually gonna ask you that. Let's get some ice cream!" She yells excitedly and links arms with me.

"What about Louise or my cane?" I ask her but she continue to drags me out of the house and we start walking.

"Louise was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her and you have me! I got you cover!" I smile at her.

"I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!" I say and we laugh. We threw jokes at each other while we continue to walk to the ice cream parlor. While walking, I decided to annoy Demi a bit for some fun.


"Yeah babe?"




"Don't call me that, just call me Demi."

"Ooh Demetri—ah!" I got suddenly push and trip into water. Falling on my ass, I got wet immediately.

"Oh my gosh Jamie! I'm so sorry I didn't mean for you to fall or trip into a fountain!" I hear Demi panic while I giggle at her.

"Its okay just help me out." I hope she doesn't know the evil smirk growing on my face as I held my hand out to her to grab. She grabs it and I pull her down with me. She squeals in suprise and says

"You didn't just do that right now."

"Oh but I did." I smirk at her and splash some water onto her. She gasp and we splash each other for a bit before we're both completely wet.

"Okay, okay. What about some ice cream?" I ask her and stands up.

"Okay, come on let's get out of here before we get caught by the paparazzi. I don't want to get mob now." She grabs my hand and we continue to walk. Once there, we got our ice cream and sat down on a bench. We started talking about movies but suddnely stop when we heard.

"OMG! IS THAT DEMI LOVATO?" And screaming came with that.

"Fuck." We both said in unison. I grab Demi's hand and we bolt out of there with our ice cream.

"I spoke too soon! I'm sorry that your getting mob with me. I thought they couldn't find me!" I hear her say while I start laughing hysterically.

"Its okay! I always wanted to get mob! But who couldn't spot your neon blue hair Demi? Its not like they're going to kill us!" I spoke too soon also. Someone knock my ice cream out of my hand.

"No! My ice cream! My beautiful ice cream!" I pout at Demi but couldn't keep the smile out of my face.

"Forget it! We gotta lose them before we become dead meat!" She grips onto my hand and turn toward the right with me close behind.

"But my ice cream! It technically died on me!" I tell her and soon my laughing comes back. Weird, I'm not panicing but I bet Demi is. Oh well, I'm different anyway. She suddenly turns and pushes me behind something and puts her hand to my mouth.

"Sh, they'll hear ya." I kept my mouth shut but the smirk never leaving my face. The screaming stops and questions starts to be throwing around,

"Where did she go?"

"Did she went that way?"

"Who was that girl she was gripping onto?"

"I have no idea. Come on I saw her go down this way." Footsteps fade away and so does the girls that was chasing us. We stay like that for a few moments before we knew that the coast was clear.

"That is what I call fun." I say and smirk at Demi.

"Well you call it fun; I call it a mob running after human beings." I laugh at her and say with puppy eyes,

"Piggy back me home?"

"Ugh, who couldn't resist you? Yeah. Get on." I grin at her and climb onto her back and wrap my legs around her waist while my arms around her neck gently. I don't want to choke her.

"Now trusty steed! Off we go!" I yell out and kick Demi's side gently.

She nays like a horse would do and starts to walk while I laugh. I set my head in the crook of her neck and say.

"Trusty stead?"

"Yeah baby girl?" She giggles. Before I could tell her what I wanted to say, I heard some clicking.

"Are you taking a picture of anything?"

"No, why?" Confusion lacing her voice.

"I hear clicking near by." I tell her and put my head on top of hers and listen closely.

"I don't hear any clickin—" I cut her off. The clicking suddenly stop.

"It stop." Then footsteps running away. I thought nothing of it and turn my attention back to Demi.

"How can you hear that if I can't?"

"Ever since I went blind my other senses were heighten and so I can hear, smell and all that a bit better then you." I tell her and rest my head on her shoulder.

"Really? That is so cool!" She says and soon we got home. I left to take a shower and to put some dry clothes on.


I took a quick shower and put on some dry clothes on and walk downstairs to the living room and turned on the tv.

I sat down on the couch and switch to the news when they said my name.

"Demi Lovato earlier was seen with a girl about fourteen on her back walking down the street but questions are; who is the girl? What relationship does she have with Demi? And how does Demi know her? Now back with you Ben. . ." They turn toward Ben but I lost attention to it and quickly wip out my phone and check Twitter.

It was full of questions about Jamie and who she is. Looks like I need to do a twitcam before rumors would start up.

"Jamie!?" I call out to her. She comes into the room with Louise and sits next to me with Louise laying down on our laps. I roam my hand through her soft coat and kissed Jamie's forehead.

"Will you let me show you to the world to let them know that you are my daughter?"

"Uh. . ."

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