Chapter 8

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Spanker: Mrs. Everdeen

Spankee: Prim and Katniss

Katniss POV

I run chasing after Prim who is giggling around the whole house.  God I loved days like this. 

"Stop it!" I hear my mother say ruining my good mood.

"Quit running y'all are going to break something!"

I snort out loud not really thinking about it. What in this house are we going to break that is not already a piece of crap.

"What is so funny Katniss?" My mother asks sternly.

"Nothing," I say looking at the ground, not really wanting to challenge her further.

"Okay since we got that in order, I am going into town to pick up stuff for dinner. I'll be back in a hour or so. I love you girls."

She walks out the door. After looking out the window to be certain she's gone. I start to chase Prim again who takes off running.

"You'll never catch me!" She screams over her shoulder.

I playfully yell back, "You just wait!"

She sprints into the kitchen positioning her self behind the table so when I move she can get out of the way. I lounge across the table hoping I can grab hold of her shirt. Instead I hit a plate, that was my grandmothers. It crashes to the ground shattering everywhere. Prim and I stare at the ground wide eyed. What did I just do? It reminds me of when I knocked over her vase, of how bad my bottom hurt.

"Shoot, shoot, SHOOT!" I practically scream.

I see tears come to Prim's eyes, she is always so sensitive and sweet. I walk over and hug her.

"It's ok Prim, I'll take the blame, its alright."

Prim begins talking her voice surprisingly strong, despite the tears.

"Katniss, no don't take the blame it was both of us."

"I was the one who knocked it over."

"But you were chasing me."


"Katniss no. We should just pick up the pieces."

"No I'll pick them up. Like I said I knocked it over."

I get down on my knees and begin piling the pieces on my hand. Prim does the same even though what I just said. After we get all of the pieces we decide to put them in a bag. We know there is no hiding this. My mother looks at this every day. To be honest I am scared, not just for me but for Prim too. We sit nervously and I rub Prim's back. She rest her head on my shoulder. In about an hour we hear my mother come through the door. I decide just to go ahead and tell her, hoping that she will go easy on us.

"Mother, I have something to tell you."

She looks worried, "What is it?"

I begin neveously, "Umm, Prim and I, Umm were running like you told us not to  and umm I knocked over your plate by accident."

I can see the anger in her eyes, "Are you crazy? I told y'all both to stop! First my vase now my plate! What am I going to do with you?"

Fresh tears stream down Prim's face. I feel horrible, not just for my mother but for Prim. My mother rambles on I ignore her and go hug Prim, who is trying really hard to look like she is listening. Why did I listen to her and not take the blame myself?

"Alright to the bedroom both of you!" My mother says.

Prim and I walk to the bedroom but I notice my mother doesn't follow. Where is she? Prim begins sobbing so hard once we get to the bedroom I want to break down and cry myself. I pick her up and I gently rock her untill her sobs turn into soft cries. About 15 minutes later my mother returns carrying a switch. God, I can't let Prim get hit with that thing. She enters the bedroom with a simple, "Pants and underwear wear down Prim come here Katniss go stand in the corner."

Prim pulls down her pants and walks over. I walk over to my mother and Prim.

"No, you are not hitting her with that thing. I was the one who knocked the plate over. I am the oldest. Just use the brush Mother please!"

She surprisingly just nods.  I think she realizes that Prim does not deserve it. She positions prim over her lap and says, "60."

I go stand in the corner. I hear a WHACK and then a slight cry. 60 whacks was a lot, but at least she wasn't using the switch. 30 more whacks go by and Prim's cries turn to screams. I finally have heard enough and walk over to where she was across my mother's lap. I bend down and hold Prim's hands and whisper encouraging things in her ear.

My mother looks up and starts talking but I cut her off, "I'll take extra for not doing what you said. She nods and goes back to hitting Prim. Prim is sobbing hysterically. I lose track of how many hits she delivers but when it seems like it is getting to the end, Prim grips my hands so tight, her fingernails have made me bleed.  I don't care though, I just wanted it to be over for her. Finally, my mother picks her up and starts rocking her back and forth on her lap. After a couple minutes she is all cried out. I pick Prim up off my mother's lap and place her on the bed in the next room, laying on her stomach of course. I kiss her on the cheek and walk into the room with my mother. Surprisingly she pulls me into a hug and says, "I'm proud of what you did for your sister. I'm not giving you extra."

I nod.

She picks up the switch.

"Just 25 okay?"

I nod again and take the position over the bed.


I let out a soft cry God I forgot how much this hurt.


"Ohh wow!"




"Ohh please!"


"Mother stop!"


"Oh god!"



"Just ten more baby girl."




"Stop it!"






"Im so sorry!"



"Shhh baby you're all done. You did great. I love you."

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