The Ice Queen's Tragedy EXTRA

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This story is full of TIQT one-shots. I will be posting one-shots here occasionally. Pairings may vary.

The MAIN TIQT Story has three parts. We are now – I think – four-five chapters before the end of part one. Not all of the scenes covered in TIQT one-shots were included in the main story. Let’s think of this as a side story. The setting may be before, after, or during the main event happening in the main TIQT. Some scenes are random and nonsense, though. But you can discover some of the characters’ info here. How and where are they spending their time alone, or with someone? Some back story & the character’s new and interesting side I didn’t cover on The Ice Queen’s Tragedy.

Read only if you want~ ^^

[I made this TIQT EXTRA because I can’t squeeze all of these on the main story. I have this very deep thought on how and where to put all these, but I cannot decide. XD I have the main plot ready though. And I wanted to have fun (I wanted to play around with my characters) while writing TIQT too so… Jan jan jan!]

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