Another round

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Miya pov:

Even tho he hurt me I still love him

Miya:what do you have to show me


Miya:*made the nigga did you just tell me to shhh face*

Prince:haha we're almost there *stops infront of a door*

Miya:I never seen this door before

Prince:you never exploded the house

Miya:I was to lazy for that haa

Prince:close your eyes

Miya:*does as told*

Prince:*opens door grabs miyas hand*ok open

Miya:*opens eyes*

Sees glowing stars everywhere


Prince:do you remember our first date

Miya:yea at the beach at night with roses and candles at we talked and looked at the stars all night

Prince:I miss those days

Miya:yea *walking around*

Prince:we have a lot of memories

Miya:yea do you remember when you thought that guy at the mall was looking at me but he was really looking at you

Prince:I still have night mares

Miya:haaa I bet

Prince:*grabs her hand*would you like to dance

Miya:with what music

Prince:*claps his hands music starts playing*

Miya:wow did prod help you with this room

Prince:yea haa

Miya: haa I could tell

Prince:I miss you

Miya:shhh less talking more dancing


With the guys

The boss:where's prince

Roc:something came up with his family

The boss:tell him this job isn't a joke this is his only break now tonight we have a big job with a lot of cash 60 million


The boss:right so we got some new workers being them in

???:*opens door*come in

Roc pov:

So we got new people all of them were guys but one was a girl she looked tough but looks don't mean shit she has to prove herself first

Ray:aye when we start letting girls in


The girl:*flips ray*when we start doing that

Ray:damn ma could have warned me

The girl:be prepared next time now does anyone else have something else to say


The girl:good I'm Bella btw

Boys:*all say there names*

Boss:good now go get that money

E1:*walks out getting in car*

With miya & prince

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