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"Hey, you! New kid!" The student from the cafeteria line yelled after him. It can't be good. Nope, definitely not, this kid spells out trouble. The muscular student had five other friends with him. One looked like he was fished right out of the gutter, with his mucky beanie (that appears to have never been washed) and un-tied Nike shoes. Another was a gal with tight blonde ringlets, and jade eyes.  Not only was she attractive but she was oozing with control. She looked like the main man, who was walking towards Collin, had claimed her.

"So you're Collin? That's what I've heard from the janitor and Cassidy at least," he smiled. More of a smirk but Collin didn't see what the he could have wanted with him. Collin was average, extremely average actually. He had nothing to offer to the student who stood before him. No drugs, not smart, he didn't see any value in himself 

"Let me introduce our selves, I'm Rick." More like 'Dick' Collin thought to himself. 

"This is Becky," He said looking at the girl with perfect makeup that was stuck to his hip. 

"That's Smolge and Ben" Looking towards the kid high as cloud nine and a kid with an overly lifted quiff.

"Lastly we have Violet and Arron" The last two seemed decent, almost forced to be there. She had a brown pixie cut accompanied with a violet beanie, seemed to be a trade mark of hers, and he had a brown bull-cut. He looked even more average than himself.

Collin had nodded in understanding, but still didn't know why they we're talking to him. So Rick, but more like Dick, continued talking.

"So listen we don't give choices very often but, we will since your new," what?

"Basically you will be doing all of our history homework from now till the end of the school year, Violet here says you're quite the book worm,"

"I can't do that." That was cheating. Collin was raised better than that. It would also make him fall back in all his other classes. He had to make his parents proud once. 

"Look either you do it or I can beat you to a pulp everyday after-school," His shirt is yanked up and pushed onto the wall and is next to an audition form for the school's Spring Musical.  One blow to the stomach is all it takes for Collin hurl onto the bigger boy.

"Stop! Ricky what are you doing?" a female voice scolds Dick

"C'mon Ni don't get into this, I've got this all under control," When the bruised boy opens his eyes he drops to the floor on his knees. and looks up to almost laugh.

What Collin Jarvis sees is a short girl-maybe two thirds Rick's height- and she is pinching his ear yelling at him. Something Collin would see a mother disciplining her child do. It was comical. The girl wasn't skinny, she had a bit more bone then Becky and Cassidy but she wasn't fat. 

"What's the problem? You only act out when something's happened, come on spit it out," feisty one.

Becky was lost, she was trying not to be humiliated by the fact another girl was making her boyfriend whine. As the shorter girl kept appliying pressure to Rick's ear Arron quietly helped him up. With the help of his clammy hand pulling Collin's right arm up, he could lean against the lockers and enjoy the scene.

"Sorry about that, he has issues," Collin snorted and and nodded in appreciation. Arron looked like an okay kid. And Collin was in need of just an okay friend.

"Ni Stop! Come on!" Ben tried to help his friend. He failed miserably which resulted in his ass on the cold floor. This girl could fight.

"This isn't your problem Benji, Take the rest of your crew and get" She flashed him a smile which could stop the world from spinning. She was different. Ben or Benji blushed faintly and walked away with the others. All she needed was to smile and it was as if she was instantly forgiven. And then there was three.

"So now can you tell me why you took out your unfortunateness on him? Look what you did! Scared him for life probably!" With a dramatic eye-roll from both of the boys they look at each other with one mutter of a 'sorry'. She talked like she was his mother and she played the part well. How could a bully listen to one girl? She wasn't goregous no, not at all. No make up was on her face, and she had some acne. Besides the way she carried herself Collin couldn't see anything special about her. So if it wasn't looks she had to be related to him or have some power over him, at least a sprinkle.

Before he knew it the girl was walking towards Collin, and he felt nervous. Maybe she was the principle's daughter. 

"You okay?" Her voice was smooth like satin and waslaced with sincerity. He didn't know one's voice could change octaves like hers did. From defending and pissed to sweet like dark chocolate.

"Oh yeah, that was just... weird" The girl had giggled and had added a snort which erupted into laughing-way-to-loud-for-this-situation. But he soon felt healed because he felt like he had just seen a childhood bestfriend.

"Sorry, my laugh's a little strange,"

"It's alright" and Collin had reliezed that he did't know how to act around her, act comfortable like she was, or to be charming, or overly awkward. He tried for the first option but ended in the last. As she started walking away she said,

"Well Collin, the lunch tomorrow is pasta. I suggest you bring your own." Before he could process that she knew his name, he didn't know her's. He blurted,

"Wait what's your name?"

And then she did something unsuspected, she ran away,"N"  did an irish kick "A" and spun three times O M I"

As she skipped away, Collin spelt out the name 'Naomi' and smiled, because he didn't know if he had just made his first friend or not. And he was more than okay about that.

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