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I was just getting home

Cornell:Yo Leah im home

Nothing. She must be slepp.....but the door is unlocked. I walked upstaires to her room an seen.....Leah all bloody,bruised up,an naked on the floor. I ran to her




I checked her pulse it was slowing down.i picked her up an put her in the car. Tears were threating to come down. I got to the hospital i opened the door an checked Her pulse

Cornell:DAMN IT LEAH, STAY ALIVE*crying*im getting doctors

I took my shirt off an put it on her an ran in the hospital

Doctor:Oh god *took her to the back*


Cameron,his mom,Erica,Emyri,Selena,an Tyrus were there

Cameron:I feel bad to thats my damn girl

I just cried

Cornell:*crying*This is to much,i-i i dont know what to do

C.M:Lets talk later

Erica:Yea,we can help we kin remeber

Tyrus:she is like a sister to me

Emyri:thats my other half

Selena:we good friends

Doctor:Family of Leah Malaysia Brown

Cameron:thats us

Doctor:Im sorry...

My heart stopped all i saw was red,tears were running down my cheeks. I was punching the walls an flipping stuff.


C.M:Cornell baby its okay


Doctor:Yall may go see her

Erica an Ms. Louis held my arms while we walked to Leahs room

Erica:you ready?


I walked in there an seen Leahs brusied,swollin,rough body she looked peacefu


I was in the clouds again

??:Leah your here again?


??:Leah you are dead,you cant leave Cornell an Cameron

Leah:i didnt choose to,im not gonna be peaceful

??:When the years go on it wont bother you that much. Just go back down there they need you. Let me show you something


Cornell was flipping stuff an punching the walls crying. Cameron was cursing. Tyrus was comforting Emyri. Selena looked sad.

??:see leah

Leah:but how?

??:i will send u...if you ever need to talk to someone im here

Leah:how we talk

??:i got that my name is shelia


I was sitting in the hospital room crying looking at leah body,When her eyes opened

Cornell:l-leah *hugs her*

Leah:*stiffeneds up*Hey

Cameron:Hey Le *kisses her*


Erica:Come kids lets go home *they left*

Cornell:Leah are you okay?

Leah:My puta hurts

A tear rolled down,i cant believe they raped her,

Cornell:i know,its ripped they had to soe it back. LeLe i thought i lost you. I wouldnt know what to do.

Leah:yea *eye twitching* im sorry

Corne:what are you sorry for?i should be sorry for missing you speech


Cornell:Do you know how manytimes you got hit?

Leah:about 12 times....sorry

Cornell:You dont have to be sorry

Leah was twicking an shaking

Doctor:the hits messed up her nerves yall can go home

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