Chapter 7 (bad habits)

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Kathy has been gone for a week now.

Tabitha is doing online school, cause that's what she does sense we moved in together...

I was laying on the coffee table with my legs and head dangling off I was chewing on a cup.

I have a bad habit of putting stuff in my mouth...

Tabitha says I can't talk, chewing on stuff is how I run my mouth.

I need to get some sour sprays or something to give the stuff I chew on flavor... That would probably make my habit worse...

I was looking around the room like a new born baby, while chewing on this cup.

"Taste good?" T jokes.

I smile and roll off the table.

I drop the cup and sit on the couch and chew on the pillow.

See... bad habit.

"Stop putting stuff in your mouth!"

I just stare at her.

"Drop it!"

I blink.


I drop it then I through it at her.


I giggle my silent giggle.

"I wonder what your laugh sounds like?"

She runs her hands through my hair.

I close my eyes.

I like it when people play with my hair.

I wish that was her bad habit.

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