Missing you

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Harry's POV

When we landed Simin had a limo waiting for us. Throughout the whole plane ride Niall didn't eat or talk, he's taking this really bad. We all tried cheering him up but nothing worked. Im still mad at Simon for making us come back, not only that but he shut off out communications to the girls. I really miss Lola. I loved her. I wanted to spend the rest if my life with her, in fact, if we were still dating in our 20s, I would have proposed. At least I have half of the heart necklace me and her share. Mine says boyfriend, hers says girlfriend. I miss her so much, I miss all the girls, we all do. We have a interview tonight, Simon cleared the news and said we're all single and home in London, he just forgot it was against our will part though. We all got into the limo and drove off to the studio to get ready for our interview, it was already 6:30 here. There were some fans there but they left us alone seeing that we were pretty sad. When we got to the studio we went straight to our dressing rooms to wait for Lou.


Lola POV

I can't believe it. First I lost the boy I loved with all my heart and now my sister is in the hospital, what the hell?!

Me, Carson, and Angel have been best friends since sixth grade and now Angel is in the hospital. After I told Carson we got in our car and sped down to the hospital fast. We asked the nurse what room she was in and ran down the hall into her room. What I saw was frightening. Angel was laying down on a hospital bed, wires hooked to her arms and oxygen tubes down her nose. She looked almost life less. She was so pale it was scary. Just then a doctor came in.

"what happened?!" I asked

"she was in a car crash, she has two broken ribs and is in a coma" he said. Me and Carson started Crying, Just then there were flashes outside of the window, we were on the first floor so it could be anything. I opened the blind to see it was paparazzi, the were taking pictures of Angel, what the fuck is wrong with people!?? I closed the blind ad started crying, If only I had Harry here with me.

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