I finally felt relieved when i entered my bedroom.The first thing i needed to do was take a warm shower.I grabbed my sweat pants and a sweater it was starting to get cool since october had started.Everything was just where i had left it.I knew there would be tons of bruises on my body, i think i wont be allowed to drive for i while now.I took a long time relaxing my self until i noticed my skin getting pruny.I just wanted to stay in the warm water it was soo relaxing.I got out of the bathroom with a towel on my head.I started combing my long brown hair.I starred at myself in the mirror.My blue eyes seemed dull, my skin was pale, everyone envied me because i was one of those girls who eat tons and still stay skinny.

"Mia, dinners ready come on downstairs" Darius yelled from downstairs."Shit Darius you didn't have to give me a heart attack" God he scared me to death everything was soo peacefull and quite.I started walking down the stairs when i thought I saw something moving from the corner of my eye.It was something in moms room.Wait why was my parents bedroom door opened.Ever since mom died dad moved to the guest room.My heart started thumping against my chest.

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