"It's so cute when you blush." he said to me while making me blush even more!

Man I wasn't skeptical about my choice that's for sure. We drove for about 10 minute then pulled up to the little restaurant.

We walked inside and took our seats. I ordered a Grilled Cheese and a Sprite, while he ordered a steak sandwich and a coke.

We started talking about our lives and I told him about my current living arrangements.

"That's kinda a dumb reason to have you move in with them. I mean no offense to your parents."

I smile at how he took my side, "That's exactly what I thought! The worst part is that it's for the full year!"

He looked like he really cared when I was telling him all about this. He said, " Man, that really sucks. Well if you ever need a place to go you can call me," He looked up and smile innocently at me, "I mean you can stay in our basement for the night! Not anything else."

I laughed at how sweet he was being. " I'll keep that in mind."

He laughed and the waiter brought our food.

We ate our food while asking each other questions about them.

When lunch was over Kyle gave me a ride home.

"I had a really nice time Kyle. We should do it again sometime." I said to him and smiled.

He leaned towards me and said, "I would love that."

Then he kissed my cheek which made me blush like crazy.

I said goodbye and got out of the car.

When I got inside the house Tyler was sitting in there texting on his phone or something.

He looked up and said, " Who was that? What were you doing with that guy?"

I was surprised when he started asking these questions. " I went out to lunch with him. Why do you care?"

He looked like he was caught off guard when I asked a question of my own. "I was just wondering. But why did he kiss you?"

At that moment I got a little mad. He was watching me from the window? Creepy. " It was kinda a date. Geesh."

With that I walked upstairs and put on some sweats and a hoodie. Five minutes later Tyler walked into my room.

"Thanks for knocking. " I said sarcastically.

"Why did you blow me off for him?"

"Oh my gosh! Why do you even care?! Seriously. I went with him because your a player and getting close to a player is bad. Okay? Happy now? Good. Me either." With that said I pushed him out the door and slammed it shut.

An hour later it was 5 o'clock and it was dinner time.

I walked down silently and took my seat. Mrs. Martin asked how my day was and I just said good.

When I was done eating I went straight to my room. I decided to take drastic measures. I took my phone out and dialed Kyle's number.

"Hello?" His voice sounded like he just woke up.

"Hey Kyle, did I wake you?"

He replied quickly, "No no no. I woke up like 3 minutes ago."

"Okay good."

"Whatcha need?" He asked a little concerned.

"I was wondering if I could stay at your place tonight?," When he didn't answer right away I quickly said, "I mean you don't have to I could ju-"

"Ainsley of course you can."

I let out a sigh of relief. "Great, thanks."

"Can I ask why you need a place to stay?"

I sighed, "I'll explain when I get there."

Then I hung up and packed a bag for the night and some clothes for tomorrow.

When I walked down the stairs the Martins were all still sitting at the table.

"Oh Ainsley where are you going?" Of course it seemed like Mrs. Martin was the only one who cared.

"Mrs.Martin I'm ju-"

Mrs. Martin interrupted me. "Oh honey call me Marcy!"

"Okay, Marcy I was just going to a friends for the night"

Tyler's head shot up, " What friends?"

"My friend Kyle's ." I replied with a smirk.

He looks mad for some reason, "Mom are you gonna let her go to some strangers?"

"Oh shut up Tyler, have fun Ainsley."

Oh how Marcy gets better each time we talk.

"Bye guys. I'll be back tomorrow!"

With that said I walked out the door and into my baby.

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