The New Guy

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The next morning when I woke up I immediately checked my phone. I had a new text from Kyle, Tyler and Vivi. I decided to start with Vivi.

'Hey! Shopping sucked. We need a Ainsley and Vivian day. Today. Got it! Okay. Good.'

Vivi was always straight to the point. That's why she's my best friend.

Then I decided to open the text from Kyle.

'Great, I'll be there by 12:15! ;)'

I smiled instantly. I really couldn't wait to see him.

After getting over the effect that text had on me, I read the text from Tyler.

' I left early this morning. Was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee or something at 12:00. You don't have to though. Text back when you can.'

That was weird. I mean I've always had a crush on him. But, I never thought this would happen.

Then it hit me. I had to pick if I wanted to go out with Tyler or Kyle.

Kyle seemed like a really nice guy. He was super cute and I wanted to get to know him.

On the other hand Tyler was super hot. He was also a huge player though. And he ignored me our whole lives up until yesterday.

I decide to choose when it was like 11:50.

I set my phone down and went into the bathroom. I started the water and brushed out my hair. When the water was warm enough I turned my music on. "White Walls" By mackelmore was playing.

After showering I changed into pair on white shorts and a black cardigan with a blue tank top. Then I threw on a pair of blue flip flops.

I walked down the stairs into an empty kitchen. That's weird. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the milk. I walked over to the cupboards and grabbed a bowl. When I walked to grab the cereal there was a note on the box.

'Dear, Ainsley

Me and Mr.Martin left early this morning. We had early morning meetings. Have a good day!


Mrs.Martin was a really nice woman. I had to admit.

I finished my cereal and my phone buzzed. It was a text from Vivi.


Ugghh. I didn't want to tell her about my plans or else she would freak out and try to help get me ready. I just texted back,

'Can't sorry girl, tomorrow fo sho!'

I checked the time and it was already, 11:30!

I ran upstairs and took out my curling iron. My Aunt taught me a trick on how tiger the perfect beach wave curls. I ended up doing that with my hair and applying a little mascara and some blush.

While I was applying make up I was pondering over who to go with today. In the end I chose to go with Kyle. You never know what could happen if you get too close with the most popular player.

When it was 12:10 I texted Tyler saying I couldn't go and that I had other plans.

When it was 12:15 I got a text from Kyle asking my address. I texted it to him and waited outside.

When Kyle pulled up I jumped into the car and smiled at him.

"Hey Kyle! How's your day so far?"

He looked over and me and smiled. " Its good so far but better now that I'm spending some of it with you."

After he said that a blush crept up onto my cheeks. I glanced over at him and noticed he was laughing. I also noticed he had the cutest dimples!

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