Extra Chapter: Tristan's Proposal

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Remember how I told you my proposal was a tale on it's own, well here's that tale.


It had been 3 years since me and Katherine started our romantic relationship, and so I decided it was time to propose to her. I knew that some corny one knee proposal wouldn't cut it, so I planned the best proposal ever. 

I decided that there was only one place to do this, and that was in Barcelona, Spain, Katherine's favorite city. I knew that there was a overlook above the city and that was the best place to execute my plan. I didn't do anything special at all to the place, but I made the actual event the most memorable thing ever.

I bought Katherine's favorite chocolate from a small corner chocolate shop, and that was the most important thing for this to work. I choose to use the chocolate as a place to hide the ring, but the secret was that there were two bags of chocolates. I let Katherine choose her bag, and she choose the right bag. My bag had a toy ring in it, but her's had her ring, and I'll tell you, it was a really nice ring. After Katherine choose her bag, I told her that she should eat some and she did, and when she bit into the one piece, she found a ring wrapped in plastic (I had to cover it so it didn't get ruined).

Katherine was really shocked and when she took the ring out, I stole it and I took her hand and slipped it on her ring finger. I then did what any man would do, and I got down on one knee and proposed. Katherine loved it, and best of all, she got chocolate and a ring. 

This seems plain, but to Katherine, it was the world because she knew I put everything I knew about her into it. That's the real secret, putting heart into everything you do for the woman you love. 

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