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we left taco bell with a applause. this was the happiest day of my life. Liam was going to be in my life for good. but would the baby grow up wondering why his real father left? would Liam fill that void in little Layn mind? I knew Liam would be a great father. he was going to be that figure in Layns life that would teach him to be more than a boy. a man.

" Oh my gosh. I had no clue you were going to do that. you took me by total surprise!" I said through tears of joy.

" I've loved you for a long time. I had to ask. I could not hold it in."  he said,"you complete me itali. no matter what the obstacle ,I will always be there for you."

"you promise." I said with a sniffle.

"I promise." he said with a huge grin on his face.

" let's go tell my parents. I want my mom to help me plan this out. you know with the baby shower tomorrow." Oh shit, I said to much.

"you knew? you sneaky little thing. I mean big thing." he said while touching the bump.

" whatever. I'm still small. My back hurts and don't get me started on my feet." I whined.

" when we get to your old house, I'll give you a foot massage."

very confused I said "my old house?"

"Yeah your moving in with me. if you want. that would be kind of awkward to drive to your parents house every day to see you. duh!" he said with a laugh.

I laughed at my stupidity. of course. I had a good feeling about the future my soon to be family would have. a perfect house. cooked meals for Layn. common shopping with my two kids. (She wants two kids a boy and a girl.) Liam showing Layn the right way to grow up. Me talking to liana ( the name of the girl kid she wanted) about the birds and the bees. walks on the park. picnics on the beach.

"What are you thinking about sweetheart?"

" the future. I'm just glad your in mine."

when we reached the house I started to cook dinner.I wanted to sweeten mom up in case she didn't approve. She was a critic. he thought would be "oh my 6 month pregnant daughter wants to get married. by a man that is not the father of her child." that made me stir the spaghetti even faster.

not knowing that Liam noticed that and with concern "what's wrong honey? are you feeling ok?"

"it's mom. She is always going to be the one to have something negative to say. no matter if it was a good decision or not. she's such a bitch!"

"calm down it won't matter what she thinks in a few weeks." he said calmly.

I just nodded. he was right. maybe the pregnantcy hormones was getting to me. I worked two jobs and so did Liam. he doesn't it have to but to have the stuff he wants and needs. he had a 3 bedroom apartment. I had a house with my mom. I would rather live in the smallest apartment than live with her.then all of a sudden the front door opened.

"y/n/ , I'm home. don't tell me that your being lazy.you could at least clean up a-" she froze when she she saw Liam standing behind me.

"mom we have something to tell you. please sit down."

She set her bag down and grabbed a chair to sit on. "go on."

"we are getting married." I flashed my ring to her."I don't want your criticism on this. I already made a decision whether you like it or not."

"Well I guess you don't want to hear what I have to say then." She said with a firm voice and she left the room.

I turned around and cried in his shoulder." can I pack a bag and go to your house please. I'll come and get the other stuff later."

"of course. come on let's go."

I almost ran upstairs, as fast as I could. I threw stuff in the bag and grabbed my coat and wallet and left.we rushed to his house and he carried me to the door. I got down and went to his room. all I know is I was dog tired and he was faster than me. he was getting on his pjs. I threw on shorts and a tank top. I layed down on the bed.he stroked my hair and held me in his arms.

" I love you and no one could change that. I will always stand beside, not as two but as one."

"you are the best man I ever met. I love you with everything I have."

I turned around and kissed him passionately.

and I fell asleep in his arms with my lips on his.

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