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"Me? I'm mentally unstable," I say to the therapist, "why do you think I'm here?" I look at him with an obvious face.

"Let's go back in time, tomorrow," He told me. "You should get some rest."

I left the building and got in my car. I drove home and so many things came to my mind, I tried to hold back tears, but it failed. When I got home I made my self dinner.

"I hate my life, I put everyone in danger and they always die," I say to my self and grab my knife. I push it towards my chest, than lay it down. "I can't die though."

I go to my bathroom and start the water to take a bath. I start to strip and look into the mirror, I wipe the eyeliner off, than lies in the tub. I close my eyes dosing off.

"Chris! Save me!!" I suddenly wake up and sits up wiping my eyes.

"I still love you, Amanda," I say looking at the ceiling. "I know you're in a better place but I still need you."

I scrub my body before putting the shampoo in my hair. I clean my hair than soaks in the tub. After a while I get out, drain the water than, walks out on the balcony with the towel wrapped around my waist. I look next door where I see Tori. She was changing clothes. Great, now I feel like a stalker. I keep watching for a while, before she stripped to take a shower. I went and got a tank top and boxers on than sat on my couch watching TV.

Two hours past and it was 11:00 P.M., I heard a knock at the door so I stood up and walked to the front door, opening it. It was Tori. "Hey, I know it's late but I was wondering if you wanted to come over?" She asked.

"I'm in my underwear, but I'll come over if you want, should I put clothes on or just wear this?" I asked. She was so beautiful, but I couldn't let her come into my life.

"Just wear what you have on, I'm just wearing a jersey and my underwear, so come on," she told me. I walked out of my house and went over to her house. When I walked in I saw a picture of Michael Jackson.

"You're a fan too, huh?" I asked smiling. He was my idol.

"Yeah, he was amazing," she exclaimed. She sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her. I sat down next to her.

"Was there a reason you wanted me to come?" I asked. She shook her head.

"I was just lonely," she exclaimed. She turned on music. "What do you wanna do?" She asked.

"I'm up for anything," I proclaimed.

"Do you wanna spend the night?" She asked. I nodded. "We could cuddle, and do anything else you want."

"Awesome!" I said with excitement.

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