"Jagiya, will you marry me?" Sehun asked as he knelt down one knee, in his hands was an open ring box, and placed inside was a delicate silver ring, that was topped off with a sparkly diamond.

"Say yes!"

"Agree to his proposal!!"

"Marry him!!"

Shouts were heard from the people that had surrounded them. Hope sparkled in his eyes and he playfully pouted.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't marry you." Eun Hee spoke, shooting him a teasing grin.

"Is that a yes? Is that a yes?" Sehun asked, eyes sparkling and mouth twitching into a smile.

"What do you think? Of course it's a yes!" Eun Hee giggled and helped Sehun to his feet.

"OMG she said yes!!!" Sehun cheered and hugged Eun Hee tightly, spinning her round and round.


Eun Hee sighed quietly, reminiscing Sehun's proposal to her. They had married not too long after Sehun's proposal.

Their wedding was short and sweet, and only close friends and family members were invited.

Almost a year had passed since their marriage, but Eun Hee and Sehun had not planned on having a baby. Eun Hee hadn't even gave up her gem to Sehun. But Sehun was not looking forward to having a baby. He just needed sexual pleasure.

Sehun was frustrated, sexually and emotionally. He loved Eun Hee so much, but every time he initiated something sexual, Eun Hee would always decline, giving the excuse that she was busy or that she was not ready for it.

The truth was, Eun Hee was actually ready for it. She was planning to give up her gem to  Sehun on their 1st anniversary which was a month away.

But who knew? Sehun had another woman behind Eun Hee's back.


That night, Eun Hee laid in her bed, many things running through her mind. Recently, Sehun has been coming back late, losing his temper easily and he has been giving Eun Hee the cold shoulder.

Eun Hee was puzzled. The Sehun now was the total opposite from what he was a year ago. Bubbly Sehun had turned into Bitchy Sehun.

She heard the front door click open and feet shuffling about.

"Are you sure she won't mind?" a female voice could be heard through the paper thin walls.

"Are you kidding me? She don't even care what time I reach home. And she refuses to have sex with me even though we're married. Please, a man has desires and needs. And he needs a woman. But she won't even help, and that's where you, come into the picture." Sehun growled in a husky, seductive voice.

Eun Hee couldn't beloved what she was hearing, Sehun was having an affair. Just because she won't have satisfy his desires.

She loved him, loved him so  much that she sacrificed her dream of becoming a doctor, to be a housewife and take care of Sehun.


"But don't you love her?" the sickening sweet voice of the female drifted through the air, reaching Eun Hee's ears.

"Pfft, the love was short-lived."

Sehun used to love her.

What a fool she was.

So this few months, it had been one sided.


Why hadn't she thought of that?

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