In The Night (NCIS:LA Densi Fic)

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AN: Merry Christmas familia! On tumblr, I took part in the NCIS:LA Christmas 2013 Virtual Santa, and I decided to write this little fic for it. Merry Christmas towalkamongthestars!

Kensi hated, but loved this. By this, she means dressing up in one of Hetty's expensive, yet utterly gorgeous gowns, jewelry, and high heels which make a bold statement. She loved the dress-up part, the part where Hetty makes her feel like a goddess, but hated the looks of the men in the room as they raked their leery gazes over her body. Those gazes eventually came to rest on her breasts or ass. Unfortunately, this was an undercover op, so there would be no time for her to take out her revenge.

After checking in with the bouncer as "The Red Butterfly", she made her way to the bar where the bartender turned around after hearing the sharp clicks of her heels against the floor.

"What can I get for ya?"

"Uh.. vodka soda."

Callen grinned. "One vodka soda for the Red Butterfly." He quickly made the drink, putting on a show too, and handed it over to Kensi. She simply smiled a silent "Thank you" and moved away from the bar.

"Why am I in the scratchy bartender outfit while Deeks is in a mask and suit? It's Deeks!" Callen moaned into his earpiece.

"Maybe Hetty thought I'd look better in a suit and mask rather than you or Sam." Deeks drawls loudly into the earpiece.

"Are you sure Hetty thought that Deeks? Or did you just imagine that?" Kensi mumbles over the rim of her glass before sipping the bitter liquid.

"Why would I make up something like that, Princess?"

"Maybe it's because you always do."

"Oh touche!" Deeks grinned through the half black, half white mask on his face.

"Do I need to separate the two of you?" Sam joked while standing near the door as the bouncer, smiling as a couple entered the couple. The remark shut up the partners, and the team remained silent and playing their covers.

"Alvadi at my 2 o' clock. Kensi, Deeks, time to heat things up. Start a show guys." Just when Callen uttered his command, a slow yet sweet melody floated out of the instruments of the live orchestra. Deeks moved from his spot on the outskirts of the dance floor and made his way to his stunning partner. Once he reached the brunette in her bright red dress and butterfly mask, he extended a hand in a silent request. Kensi smiled sweetly, and nodded her head, and he whisked her to the almost empty dance floor.

The two partners began a simple 4-step to start off the song. As the tempo began to speed up, the 4-step vanished and turned into something more graceful, yet complicated with twists and twirls.

"Whoa. When did Hetty teach them that?" Callen muttered.

"Doesn't look like Hetty taught them that, G. Looks like our LAPD Liaison is leading." Sam replied.

"Damn. Who knew Deeks could dance like that?"

Though the comments were aired over the team's comms, it seemed as if the younger partners never heard a thing except the beat of the music guiding them. The current music stopped, and a slow waltz similar to the one Hetty tried to teach them began. More couples piled on the floor, and curtsied or bowed to the partners. Not to be seen out of place, Kensi and Deeks followed the example, then took their positions.

"Deeks.. where did you..?" The female agent softly whispered.

"Heh. There was this LAPD event, and a few buddies and I wanted to impress the ladies. It stuck with me since then." He whispered back while swaying, then twirling her to match the tempo of the smooth music.

The last song the two dance to is a soft country ballad. They sway for sometime, Deeks' hands resting softly on Kensi's hips ad Kensi's weaved together on Deeks' neck and fingering the few soft strands in her hands. Eventually, her head relaxes itself on Deeks' shoulder and his thumbs move to the center of her lower back, rubbing soft circles. To any other passerby, it would seem as if the two were in love. But it was more than love for these two. They stared at each other, as the last few notes floated out and the tension increased between them. It was as if the tension had surrounded them like a lit cigarette dropped in a thick, woody forest. They slowly leaned in when...

"Good job guys. The show worked and Alvadi is moving towards the two of you at Kensi's 6." Callen broke in.

The two sighed, moment ruined by their team leader. Deeks kissed Kensi's hand formally before walking away. He took barely 2 steps away from her when Alvadi tapped Kensi on her back. She turned and Alvadi slowly took her hand and pressed a soft kiss on it.

"May I have this dance, mi rojo mariposa?" Kensi had to admit, Canto Alvadi was pretty easy on the eyes, with his brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes. The only thing linking him to his Venezuelan heritage was the slight accent to his voice and, of course, his name. But his name was well known among the many cartels and gangs in LA, as he and his gang had successfully raided a range of Marine bases along the west coast, but was never caught.

"Why, yes you may." Kensi smiled coyly, and the man led her to the center of the floor. When Kensi and Alvadi were dancing, he tried to pull the same moves as Deeks and sometimes a little more and as part of her cover, Kensi gave in and fell for the not-so-subtle moves. After 1 song had finished, he bent down to whisper in his dancing partner's ear.

"How about we go somewhere more.. private?" Kensi giggled, and Alvadi took it as a "Yes". He grabbed Kensi's hand eagerly and led her out through the doors to his car, checking them out with the bouncer along the way. Once near the expensive Mercedes, he backed up Kensi along the side of the car.

"So.. where were we?" Alvadi placed his hands on her waist and moved closer to her.

Kensi giggled. "We.. were right.. here." She grinned at the unsuspecting man and sharply kneed him in the groin and pushed him to the ground as he groaned. Distracted by the horrible burning sensation spreading through his groin area, he collapsed into a pile. By then; Deeks, Sam and Callen had arrived to the scene with their guns aimed at Alvadi's body.

"Oooh ow! Really Kensi? The groin shot again?" Deeks groaned, as if kicked down there himself.

"You know me, Deeks. I shouldn't be surprising you now. Touche!" Kensi jabbed back playfully.

"Ugh come one! It's me who should be saying touche! Not you! It's not grammatically correct!"

"Alright you two, break it up. Sam and I'll take him to the boatshed and you to go back to the mission. Good job guys." Callen told them after zip-tying the man on the ground.

As the LAPD Detective and NCIS Agent ambled away, Callen stood watching them and Sam soon joined him after loading a whimpering Alvadi in his Challenger.

"Whaddya looking at, G?"

"Have Kensi and Deeks...? The seemed a bit.. different today, didn't they?" He turned to Sam in confirmation.

"G, it's Kensi and Deeks. They're always different." The men chuckled, and headed off to OSP to wrap up their case after a long day's work.


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