Are You Ok!

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Annie's POV:

While me and Nicole were in the car, we stopped at Starbucks since we had a long time until the concert. we just wanted to get there early.

In Starbucks I got a Mocha Frap. And Nicole got the same thing but with a chocolate muffin. We walked out to the parking lot so we could have it in my new white Mustang convertible .


As we finished our drinks and muffins we headed off to the concert.

To be honest I was very nervous and anxious. Since we were meeting them I had no clue what to say or do. Would I just stand there and stare at them... Would I faint?! Or worst of all would I embarrass myself in front of them!? Ok now I am terrified!

"Are u nervous?" I said to Nicole or Nici for short. "Because I am terrified" I said while crossing lanes and almost hitting a car cause I was not paying attention.

"I am too" said Nicole. "This is so frustrating. How could we be nervous! Ugh we are so weird!" "I know Nici, I know."

By the time we arrived I had to comb my long Brunette hair with a spare comb I had.

I had on a black and white striped beanie. A I heart Louis Tomlinson crop top. Black leggings and my navy blue converse. I had no make up on. I don't really like make up unless I really have to wear it.

Nici is wearing a pink headband in her short Blonde hair. A I heart 1D t-shirt. Ripped skinny jeans and black flats with a bow. She as well combed her hair. And a light shade of pink lipstick.


We are in line now for the concert and I would say what a HUGE line it was but it would very soon get bigger and bigger. And I thought we came early...guess not.

We finally have 5 minutes to go and we will be passed security. The people in front of us were staring at me and Nicole. Was it our outfits, was my hair messed up. Why was she staring at us.

Wait. A. Minute.

That is Chelsea and Veronica from our school! We absolutely hate them and they hate us! Of course they have to be here. They just ruined my day.... As usual.

"What are you doing here?" said Chelsea

"I thought you went away to fat camp."

Said Veronica

"No we didn't. We are here trying to have a nice time but of course u had to show up." Said Nici

"Yeah so can u please turn around your face is hurting my eyes" I said.

"Ugh! Whatever HIPPO! At least you won't get Louis' attention cause of your ugliness. While I will be locking lips with him!" Chelsea said while Puckering up her lips and smirking at me.

She turns around and I sigh knowing she does not know we have backstage passes and she does not. Well at least that's a good part of today.

We finally made it passed security and now going to our seats. we are front row right at the end of the 'T'. I love my mom.

So we are seated down while a little girl comes up to me.

She said "A-Are you Annie?" oh I forgot to tell u I make YouTube videos they are mostly of everything.

Sometimes I sing.Sometimes people send in requests for a totally crazy dare and I have to do it.

I said "Yes and who are you sweetie?"

"I-I am Sarah and I am a big fan can u sign this?" she says while she hands me a piece of paper.

No one has ever asked me to sign something well accept a contract on being a big famous singer but I denied. I don't feel like I am ready to be in a world where everybody follows you around and stalks you.

I saw the mom standing behind Sarah and smiled up at her. Then they walked away.


By the time everybody was seated the singer that sings before One Direction came up. And I have to say he was really good. He was singing a country song and I usually hate country music.

(AN: I actually really do hate country music :P ok back to the story!!)

So when the country dude was done and got off stage all the lights turned off and then the tune for Kiss You was playing! Everyone was screaming as loud as they can! Even you and Nicole!

You guys had a blast then they sang What Makes You Beautiful, Little Things, and Best Song Ever.

Then they played your most favourite song in history of songs! Midnight Memories!

You sang as loud as you can! In the Middle of the song Louis and Niall were doing pranks on fans in the crowd. But they did it special so it matters where u are sitting!

"I hope Louis does not do a prank on me!" you shouted to Nicole since it was loud with screaming fans.

"You don't want to get pranked? But I love prancing people!" said The Louis Tomlinson. Oops I guess I said that a little too loud you thought.

"U-uh" before you can say anything Louis sprayed you with silly string like he did with other fans!

"OMG! You did not!" you said.

"Oh yes I did" He said

While Niall was laughing his butt off, Zayn secretly threw u an extra silly string bottle and nodded towards Louis and Niall.

So you silly stringed them both! They both were screaming for help it was hilarious! Since I also got some on the floor of the stage Niall Slipped and fell on his bottom!

"Oh my God!"

"Are you ok? I really did not mean t-"

I was cut short of Niall's laughter filling the arena!

Oh Niall... "I am fine, I did not get hurt but it was funny!" he said I laughed along too!

This was so much fun!



So this is the end of this chapter! do u think its long I am not really sure if its long or short! but I hope you like it comment if I should keep going or not and vote thanks loves! ~A

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