Love and Hate

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Looking at the clock I groaned seeing that it was 6 in the morning I got out of bed putting my boots on walking down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen pooring some coffee only seeing Rick there I sat down by him taking a sip of my coffee wondering where every one went to, I turned towards the door Seeing Lori I leaned back in the chair watching Daryl and rick leave. I muttered something under my breath.

I was upset with the way Lori was treating rick he was a human not some toy she could slap around. standing up grabbing my Katana and AR-15 walking out the door watching the men fixing the fence, I walked over to the barn opening it seeing a horse walk out. I smiled petting it kissing it on the nose felling Lori jerk me back causing me to stumble landing on a rock I groaned, Lori smirked walking back in the house where her son was.

Pushing my self up holding my side walking towards the house felling Daryl helping me sit on the steps. I watched him walk over to rick who ran over to me moving my hands pulling my shirt up seeing a bruise forming.

"Kitten what happend?" Rick asked

"Lori pushed me when i was petting a horse"

"I am sick of her Shoving you around" Rick said

"I never layed a hand on her"

"I know Kitten.... I know" Rick whispered

I turned around seeing Daryl and Merle getting into it i layed my head on Rick's shoulder  closing my eyes. Felling his arm wrap around me not caring if Lori saw as far as I knew she gould stay away since she liked to slap people, I never told anyone about my past i was ashamed by it that my own mother Beat me letting her Boyfriend rape me. I was only 13 when that happend she was supposed to Protect me from all the bad shit, But No she had to cause so much pain in my life I was thinkfull that I had rick to talk to and lean on for help when needed.

i watched Daryl and Rick walk over to the people that wondered up i looked down seeing Carl putting his little hand in mine. He was a sweet boy that I had grown to care about  i felt i needed to Protect him from the evil that had taken over, I looked at Carl with the stay here look before walking over by Daryl and rick. I scoffed knowing who the two people are my mom and her Boyfriend this made me angery that after all this time they just stumble up, Felling Daryl grab my hand and rick grabbing my other I kissed them on the cheek before kicking my mom and her Boyfrind causing them to look at me.

"Tegan I thought you was dead" Martha said

"You know these two Kitten" Rick whispered

"My mom and her boy

"Tell me about it later" Rick said

I nodded felling Rick wrap his arm around me and Daryl thowing his arm over my shoulder I had grown to care about these two men. I layed my head againt Rick's Shoulder hearing my mom and her boyfriend taking bad about Daryl and Rick I took Daryl crossbow pointing it at them  I wouldnt give a second thought to Shooting them.

"Shut up you don't know shit about them!"

"I do know that one is a goody goody and the other is a redneck asshole" Martha said

"He maybe a redneck but he isnt an asshole unlike you and that peice of trash you have"

"Awww how cute she has a crush on mr Goody goody and the redneck" Kenny laughed


"Yeah I bet they do then talk about you behind your back... Your a pathedic excuse for a human" Kenny yelled.

Daryl walked over wraping his arms around me pulling me towards Rick knowing this could get them in danger. I strugled againt the hold Daryl had on me but it was no use trying to get out sighing I gleared at the Lady I called mom.

"If it wasn't for you I wouldnt of got Pregnant at 13"

"What" Rick said

I walked into the house Rick hot on my heels wanting to know what i said to my mom. I got pregnant at 13 After my mom let Kenny rape me I was never one to hate people but after that happened my heart turned cold, I grabbed some clean cloths seeing rick shut the door I looked at him getting closer to me taking my cloths putting them on the bed. It is hard for me to talk about my past so much pain that I wanted to forget that I tried so hard to forget, Now the people that caused me so much pain was downstairs.

Rick wrapped his arms around my waist giving me a soft kiss holding me close. He wanted to know but he was intent on finding out about the comment she said about being pregnant at 13, Rick was worried and would give his life to keep Tegan from having any more harm done to Me. He was falling fast and hard for Me wanting to do what ever he could for Me, He looked out the room making sure the coast was clear he wanted to show Me how much he loved me and cared for Me.

I grabbed my cloths walking to the bathroom laughing only to have Rick's mouth cover Mine to keep me Quite he didn't want Lori to know what he was about to do He knew Lori was sleeping with Shane. He smiled pulling Me close kissing my neck he moved down my neck smirking pushing me against the door, I giggled softly pulling his shirt off tossing it on the floor seeing Mine join his on the floor along with my bra. I groaned felling him grab my Breasts rubbing them he could tell I was Enjoying this.

I let out a soft moan felling something I have never felt before in my stomach I un did his buckle tossing his belt on the floor. Giggling felling him toss My pants on the floor with the other cloths pulling me into the shower Pinning me againt the wall kissing me hard, I moaned into the kiss felling him push into me slowly he wapped one of my legs around his waist moving faster.


Daryl kept his eyes on Martha and Kenny making sure they wasnt going to put anyone in danger. He wasnt going to let him or Martha put any one in the group in danger over something stupid, He turned to see Lori walk in the house followed by Beth and Carl.

"Sit down Before i shoot you're ass" Daryl said

"Boy watch your mouth" Kenny said

"You're dumbass better be more worried about rick when he finds out what you did to that girl he loves" Daryl said

"She pathedic and a great Fuck" Kenny laughed

Daryl grabbed Kenny pulling him outside they was going to have a talk. I smiled kissing Rick who was trying to catch his breath I took some deep breaths, Rick smiled kissing me softly helping me out of the tub after we got cleaned up.

"Kitten think you for letting me show you how much I love you" Rick smiled

"I love you to Rick it's hard to Explane what I am felling"

"Butterflies? Fire? Sparks?" Rick grinned

"Its kind of a mix of Butterflies and Sparks"

I smiled pulling my cloths on felling Rick wrap his arms around me giving me a soft kiss before taking my hand walking out of the bathroom. I followed him down the stairs walking over to the kitchen getting some coffee helping Carol and Beth with Dinner, I seen Beth looking at the Bruise that formed on my side. I grabbed my Ar-15 running outside hearing Daryl and Kenny I steped between them pushing Daryl back to the house, This was getting out of hand with the fighting Rick could only handle so much before he broke down all the way. I didn't want to see Rick brake all the way down it would crush me more than seeing my own mom and that ass that got me pregnant.

"Daryl please get inside he isnt worth you time"

"Just be carful around him Tegan" Daryl said

I penched his butt laughing walking back to the kitchen leaning the AR-15 againt the counter. I watched Rick helping Carol with Dinner he winked at me causing me to Blush, I kissed his cheek before picking up the AR-15 following Daryl outside to keep watch making sure no Walkers came around

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