Jeamus the Betrayer and Forgiver

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James pulled on his cloths his hair messy his breaths short "same time next time next week", he called as he left the exhausted Russian on his bed. They weren't boy friends no they were in simpler terms friends with benefits. James however was dating and engaged to his love Seamus but some times waiting for after marriage got to much and James would release this tension with his friend Aleks. As terrible as it sounds Seamus would be told what James was doing and where he was going and for some ungodly reason Seamus would understand and forgive him every time as they laid in bed. James would always say "I'm just making sure I don't ruin you before we're together" to which Seamus would reply shyly "it's ok I you" he said as he drifted off to sleep. James held him closer. he really did love Seamus but he would never tell Seamus he planed to do this way past into his wedded life it was to addicting to stop. He knew he'd tell Seamus and he'd understand because James was the Betrayer and Seamus was the Forgiver.

~Sorry if it's short and if you want the other story I'm working on it but I just thought I'd give you this till then :) ~Kaylee

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