Jumping into the unknown

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I woke up around 9:30. why a I waking up so early?!?

A henchman was standing near the door.

I go to the kitchen and see the doctor sitting in one of the chairs. she asks me to sit in the chair. 30 minutes later I had my cast off and my leg was white.a henchman comes over to me.

"You have to get ready because josh is wait for you" he says in his deep voice.

I get out of the kitchen and tell him to leave. He does and I go over to Matt in the bedroom. he's sleeping in a ball with his hair in front of his face. I kiss the crown of his head and go to the bathroom.

When I go in there in the cabinet above the toilet there was jean shorts, a grey tank top, and a leather jacket.

After I get out Matt was standing right in front of the door.

"Is this for me?" he asks me. I look down at me ad think 'wow, I pretty sexy'.

"No, the henchman told me I had to get ready" I tell him. he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in closer to him.

"Really 'cause you look really sexy" he says and pulls me in for a kiss. after we're done I pull away from him.

"Are you ready to go?" says one of the henchman. I nod my head in a agreement.

"Where are you going?" Matt asks. that's the question I want answered.

"I don't know?" I say in a small voice. Matt takes his hands off my waist and put them in my cheeks.

He doesn't say anything after that. I left a minutes later but, he came to say goodbye and kisses the crown of my head.

We go out from the house and they lock it from the outside. there again was the black USV that was waiting for us.

I get into the car with only a two henchman one sitting in the front driving and the other in the passenger seat.

A hour later they told me to jump out from the car. I disagreed upon the idea. I was thinking if I didn't jump they would push me out. I did what they said. I counted down from 3 until it hit 1 I told my body to jump.

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