“LIAM LOOK OUT!” her voice rippled into my brain.

I could hear the glass cracking; shards tracing over my skin, leaving a trail of pain and a scarlet color.

I could feel the sensation of the car flipping over; my body soon suspended from the seatbelt.

Then everything was quiet.

My eyes suddenly shot open as my body jolt forward. My fingers gripped at the thin, grey material that clung to my chest. A metallic taste lingered on my tongue as I struggled to get air into my lungs. It was like I had relived the accident over again.

With the never ending pain pumping through my chest I fell back against my comforter. My eyes scanned over my crème colored, bare walls, then soon over the sunlight peeking through the blinds at my window, before landing upon the dull white ceiling.

My entire body felt numb, as chills ran down my spine. I felt as if I, myself, was a corpse of its own.

A gentle knock sounded at my door, but I kept my mouth shut; hoping that, whoever it was, would just leave me be. I wasn’t lucky enough for that though, and soon enough my door slowly creaked open and my mum’s head popped into the room.

“Liam, can you please come to the kitchen, your father and I would like to have a word with you” she spoke quietly.

Without a single word of my own, I pushed myself up into a sitting position before getting up off my bed entirely, then I followed my mum out of the room.

The house was quiet, in an eerie sense, and I had felt like I was being watched the entire way to the kitchen, but everytime I’d look back, there was nothing.

Stepping through the door frame to the kitchen, my mother motioned me to sit down in the seat at the very end of the table, and I listened.

I fumbled with my fingers, as I was waiting to be lectured once again about how I need to get my life back together, or how I need to bring my grades up at university.

If only my parents knew that I was expelled from the University two months ago.

But this time something was different. My dad pulled an envelope from his coat pocket and slid it across the table to me.

I was hesitant at first, but grabbed onto the envelope and fished for the letter inside. Unfolding the paper, I briefly read through the printed black words.

Here on this very page, states my expulsion from the University of Wolverhampton, and made me realize that my parents now knew of the situation.

With numbing hands, I placed the letter back in the envelope and slid it back towards my father, without a single word to exchange.

“Liam, how could you?” his voice reeked with disapproval.

I sat there, eyes staring past him, even past my mum, to the outside world. I wanted to be away, away from this existing world.

I no longer felt the need to be alive, but yet, I was afraid to die.

“Liam!” my father’s voice rose, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know” I mumbled, pulling at the threads lining the table cloth.

“You don’t know? How could you not know! Liam, you had a chance to do something with your life! Then you go and screw it up!” he rambled off.

“Richard, calm down” my mother’s weak voice broke out.

“no, I will not calm down. I don’t want my son to be a failure at life!” my dad retorted.

I didn’t say a word as the two started to bicker.

My eyes soon wandered off towards the large glass door behind my mother. I watched as the rough winds sent leaves to break off from the trees, limbs to crack and split and glass to rattle gently in the pane.

“Liam, we just feel like it’d be best for you to leave home for a little while” my mother’s voice pulled me out of the trance-like-state I was in.

“what?” I mumbled, brows furrowing into confusion.

“we just feel like it’d be best for you to get away from here, away from the people you know. Away from anything that reminds you of Aspen.”

That last sentence was like a stab to the heart, from a rusty blade.

“where would I go?” I asked, clearing my throat briefly.

“We were thinking a different University” my father piped up then.

“which one?” I asked wearily.

My parents looked at each other before their eyes landed on mine once more.

“The University of Birmingham” my father said stiffly.

The blade from before was now being twisted deeper and deeper into my chest, suffocating me.

Birmingham was Aspen’s dream school. It was the one university in England she had fallen in love with the moment she had laid eyes on it. And it was also the one school she had applied for that had not accepted her. Leaving her devastated.

“Are you crazy? I can’t go to Birmingham!” I stood up from my seat.

“Well too bad! You’ve already been accepted and you will be attending after your break, end of discussion” my father finished off by slamming his fist against the table, causing his tea cup to spill over as he stormed out of the kitchen.

Anger was boiling bright in me and the thought of me being accepted to Aspen’s dream school made me feel like a traitor to her.

My mother solemnly walked up to me, she placed her hand on my shoulder for a brief moment before following my father out of the kitchen.

Slowly sitting up from my chair, I stepped around the kitchen table, picking up the now empty tea cup in the process and placed that in the sink. Then as I turned around I noticed the envelope from earlier.

Picking it up I first noticed it was now stained in a russet color from the tea, but then I noticed a smiley face imprinted -in tea- in the middle of the white paper. Looking at it intently I suddenly felt a chill run up my spine as an icy breeze ran over my cheek.

Then like before, I felt the sense of being watched, trace over my body.


Well there ya guys go! Hope you like it! I know it seemed a bit boring but I promise it'll get better soon enough! (: 

Why do you think Liam keeps feeling like he's being watched? 

Why was there a smiley face in tea on the letter from Wolverhampton university?

is something paranormal going on, or was it just a coincidence?

Let me know yours thoughts!

-Alysha xx

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