I Hate It (C10)

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Darcy's P.O.V.

I walked out from my apartment and as usual,got into my car and drove to the studio.But,today..I felt so uncomfortable.People kept following me around.Wait,what I'd done ?! I'm not a celebrity or something related on it.Some of them asked but I didn't gave any respond at all but I answered all of it in my mind.

"You're Darcy,right ?" ugh,of course I am.  "Are you really dating James Maslow from Big Time Rush ?" What the hell is happening? He's just my frenemies. "Is this photo real ?" Photo ?! What kind of it ? "You and James will be a perfect couple" Best joke ever.I'm laughing really hard right now.

I rushed to get into the studio and forbid those stupid and annoying people.Wait,they are PAPARAZZI ?! I caught my breath as I entered the studio because I ran away really fast from the freaks out there. I still don't have any idea what's going on.I approached the boys on the hanging out spot of them."Are you okay,Darcy ?" asked Kendall. "Not...really..I just...don't know.There's a lot of people..asked tons of questions.It's just HORRIBLE" I explained. "Maybe because of this..." James showed a photo on his cell phone. "That's your crashed and destroyed selfie.You post it on...INSTAGRAM ?!" I pointed out,kind of mad. "Yeah,I did.It's really adorable.You and me.Darcy and James" he smirked.

"WHY ? WHAT ? It's obviously not ! I looked really ugly.Delete..it..NOW !!" I glared. "I'm not going to,loser.It's one of the most likes pic on Insta I ever posted" he remarked . "What's the caption ?" I asked,try to calm down and handle this without fight. "With the best and cutest assistant manager ever,Darcy Winters.My dear frenemies,I love you" he read out,smiling. He complimented me ? I HATE HIM SO MUCH..and what ?! Love you ? I'm going to kill him really cruel.

"Oh-oh..this isn't look really good...at all" worried Logan. "A fight..will happen" added Carlos. I got closer to James.I tried to take his cell phone but he won't let me do get it from his hand. I sat on his lap and he looked kind of shocked.Our face were an inch away. "Listen here,clear all of this rumor.People think we're dating and I know,IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN REAL because I don't want to.If you don't,I'll haunt you for the rest of your life" I commanded,in a really serious talk.

"Okay..okay.Fine.I'll do that.Don't you worry.I don't wanna be your boyfriend..NEVER EVER.You think you're really good,huh ?" he mocked. "Oh..now,you're blaming on me ? You think you're so incredible much.No way ! You're just a total freak" I continued. He smirked and pushed me away.I laid on the couch and he's on top of me...again. "What you want to do ? GO AWAYYYY !!" I yelled. 

His face got closer to mine.Suddenly,our lips connected.He kissed me really passionate.I was totally paralyzed.I couldn't believe it's happening.I held his neck and make our kiss longer.It feels like I'm wanting for more.Then,both of us fell down from the couch.We're still kissing on the floor and I think,James and I didn't want to stop it.His lips just really irresistible.Finally,it's over.The stupidest thing I ever done.Kissing James David Maslow !!! We looked at each other and speechless. Kendall,Logan and Carlos also did. I leaved them with a total embarrassment.

My first kiss is James ? I never expect it'll turn out this way. I hate him..I really hate James.But..why the kiss happened ? Why must him and not others ? He's not my dream guy.Ugh,it's all ruined now.We didn't talk all day long.Just really silent between two of us.I know,James also didn't mean to do the kiss.But..actually,I could feel the spark.Am I in love with James ? Is all of this happening in real life ?

 *Next day,my apartment*

I prepared to go to work.Like usual,I hope James could clear up the dating rumor and figure out our kiss yesterday.I watched TV and a news caught my eyes to focus on it.

"I'm not dating anyone right now.Darcy is my best friend..not really.Like I mentioned,she's my frenemies.We laugh and have fun together but mostly,we fight a lot.She's a really nice girl.That's why I love her but not more than get into a relationship.It's official,we're not dating"

James already did my order.Good boy.Okay,it's a little bit relieved.At least,people wouldn't buffering around me.I really hate that kind of situation.

...and what's left now is to discuss about the kiss.Weirdest kiss ever happened.

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