Chapter 21.

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I couldnt even focus, it's been 2 days since Brinley left and she hasnt replied to a single thing I've texted her. I've been messing up during practice while drumming, my voice cracks when I attempt to harmonize with the lads. I dont know. 


Those are what my thoughts consume. Her, only her and that is all. I want to know if she is ok. Did she harm? Was she in trouble? What is going on. 

"Mate. Let's go. We have a meeting for our album." Michael told me, just as I slipped on my shoes. I nodded and walked out the hotel room and followed them all down to the lobby.


My audition was today, and they gave me partner because I was to be performing this now as a duet instead of a solo. They wanted the chemistry between the two of us, so that's all me and Matthew have been doing. I looked at myself in my full length mirror in the dressing room as I wore my nude tights and fixed my cuts enough so you dont notice them. 

I had on white Nike pro shorts, along with a red Nike sports bra. My hair was down and I had my foot paws on.

I walked out of the dressing room to meet Matthew who would be bear foot, shirtless, but wearing red shorts to go along with the audition outfit Ashlan decided on. 

I was hesitant to be honest, my choreography would be our audition. It would also be our opening number if they enjoyed it enough. If not we would create a new dance, not together, but myself mainly. 

I walked hand and hand into the studio with Matthew, greeting everyone. They gave their chorus of hellos and told us whenever we were ready. I nodded to Matthew as we got positioned and took a deep breath as To Build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra began to flood the atmosphere of the room. 

My mind began to escape to only Matthew and the movements that were about to follow in suit, and I knew his mind was triggered the exact way at this moment. 

He stood behind me, his left hand guiding onto my stomach and another across my chest as my  hands laced his while the lyrics began into the song. His left hand leaving my stomach to be placed on my forehead while my own chased after, soon enough our right arms stretching out to the side, our heads looking in that direction.

I released my left arm as we hand both arms stretched out to then dip slightly as his arms encircled my waist as I stayed with my arms out before he picked me up and my arms went overhead as my head looked down. 

He spun me within a 180 degree turn and set me down, the mirrors allowing them to visualize our moves.

My hands crossed down and reached behind Matthew's head as I looked up at him, leaning against him. Our faces were centimeters apart, looking as if we were to kiss. We knew the chemistry was needed, and it was something we gave into the dance.

I turned my body in a way to now face him as my right arm rested on his left shoulder, his hands on my waist before I grinded my front body once on him, but not in a sexual manner before he leaned me back and pulling me forward as my body fell to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he slid me a distance before picking my right leg up for me to do a small leap. 

I stepped out and kicked back with my left leg as he caught it and picked me up onto his shoulder, my back against it and my legs tucked in.

I leaned back slightly as my legs were straightened upward then released down as he spun me around and setting me to the ground.

My leg swung in front as he spun me on one foot slightly before I moved my body down and swung lowly for him to then pick me up, my feet reaching the floor once more at different times while my  hands covered my face. 

He guided my body into a somewhat tilt but it was mainly my leg extending backwards then wrapping around him slightly as I repeating the same moving to turn to face him as my right arm wrapped around his neck and I brought my body once more to his own.

He held my lower back with one arm as I skipped softly once as he leaned me down, and around to the pick me up once more and set me down as I curled in to then release into a guided tilt as I raised onto my toes and held him for support.

We held hands leaning back before he came forth and wrapped his right arm around my left shoulder as I held onto it and fell back as he dragged me back to swing me in a way that turned me to face him once more so he can then pull under my arm and stand behind me as I turned and  rested my head on his shoulder.

I slid down with my right leg has I held onto his arm, letting my face slide into his palm as he removed it to move it behind me to catch me when I fell back. My arm held his face while he gripped my waist and spun me around before pulling back and having his head towards my stomach as he went around my body to hold me from behind as I kicked up to help him lift me up to turn fully with me in the air as he soon after set me onto my feet. 

I pulled away once more, still locking hands with him, before executing a move to attempt as if I was pushing his face away to have him turn back around and rest a hand on my back as I move forward holding my leg back and up in a position you saw most ballerinas on stands in. I pulled my leg in and spun due to Matthew before jumping onto him and wrapping my legs around his torso and arms around his neck while he leaned forward, positioning me into a dip as I clung to him then leaning back as I released slightly so if possible, I would just reach out and touch the floor.

I came back up, our faces touching for the most parts, without our lips before I separated from him and walked to get to the floor to have Matthew pull me up and hold me close as he lifted me gently, our lips so close that if one moved it the slightest bit we would kiss before he set me down to my feet and held me from behind as my head rested on his shoulder, exposing the nape of my throat.

I turned once more to rest my hands on either side of his face as we swayed slowly before he dipped me closely to the ground as his face inched from my own down to the area beneath my breast before he pulled me back up resting his hands on my waist as mine went into his hair just as the song came to a finish.

I was out of breath and I can assure you that Matthew was too. I gave him a hug as we stood hand in hand, awaiting the response from the people in front of us. 

"That... That was absolutely the most beautiful dance duet I have ever witnessed. I am so proud of you Brinley, yes. You two are in." Joan cheered as light tears escaped the corners of her eyes. I couldnt comprehend my happiness so I just leapt onto Matthew, hugging the dear life out of him as he did the same.

"We did it." I mumbled into his ear as he squeezed me tighter, noting that we did.

A/N: I just wanted to let you know that the choreography that I chose for this portion of the story, indeed is the same duet that was at the end of Step Up 4 Revolution. I believe that it is a very beautiful and heartfelt choreography, and that I did it justice in describing the moves. The video is in the side if you would enjoy seeing it. Thank you so much x

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