Chapter Three

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6;30 am. Ugh I don't want to get up. Oh school. Yayyy. "Katie! Get up! You have to go to school today!" My mom was yelling downstairs which is where my bedroom is. Basically the whole downstairs is mine. "I know I know. I'm coming." I said in a quiet voice. I went to my closet. Hmm what to wear, I thought to myself. I settled on skinny jeans and a Beatles t-shirt with black converse. "Well my cast just completed the whole outfit" I said sarcastically. This time, I didn't run up the stairs. I walked. Carefully. I didn't want to go back to the hospital and see my dad. Well anyways, I just remembered Hayden's in town! I wonder if he stayed in the guest room. Once I got upstairs I saw Hayden sitting at the counter eating his usual, cereal. "Hey kiddo." He said. That was his nickname for me. It always made me smile. Oh god I am so glad he's back. "Hey" I said grabbing Cap'n Crunch and sitting down next to him. "So I'm gonna be here awhile.. What should we do while I'm here?" Hayden asked. "Well there isn't much to do. After school why don't we go to a movie. I heard the new Captain America is out." I was trying to find things that were fun and easy. I think Zach might be going tonight too. "Sure kiddo. I'll pick you up". After he was done with his cereal, he did the dishes and took me to school. "Thanks Hay." "Anytime kiddo. I'll see you after school." As I walked in the front doors, I was greeted by Angie and Jack. "OMG! Katie! Your back!" Angie screamed just loud enough so everyone in the world could know. Jack just stood there looking like he wanted to say something but couldn't. Jack was a sweet kid. Tall maybe 6'1, dark brown hair with light green eyes. He was also a basketball player. I guess he'd be a good boyfriend but I've known him too long. Besides I like Zach. "Oh look! Katie!" Angie said and she turned me toward Zach's locker. Once he shut his locker he looked straight at me and smiled. I smiled back and he walked over. "Hey Katie.. What'd you do to your arm?" I told him the story and he said sorry. But that wasn't all he said. "Look Katie. Your really cute and I know you've had a crush on me for like ever but I'm not interested. So if you'd back off that'd be great." I slapped him. So hard it hurt my hand. He had a hand mark on his face but, I didn't feel sorry. He crushed me. I guess that's why the call it a 'crush'. Angie also slapped him and walked me back over to where Jack was standing. He saw my eyes were a little watery and asked what's wrong but all I said was that I didn't want to talk about it. And that was the truth.

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