~Chapter Two~

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Hey, are you still here? Good, you are. I hope you found some enjoyment in Tia's part of the story, trust me it gets better.

I'm Adrianna, another member of the group. Something you must know about me is I might appear girly, obnoxious, and friendly, but on the inside all I want is to be noticed by people outside of my social group. Don't get me wrong, I love these girls with all my heart, but I long to know what it's like to experience something else. An adventure perhaps.

I'm loved in my group, but as far as everyone else is concerned, I've faded away into nothing. That shouldn't bother me, but sadly it does.

I craved something grander... I've remained in readiness for whatever great thing decided to come my way. Hopefully that missing component will be worth the wait.


It was a rare thing walking down the hallway alone. I was always with the girls, in an indivisible pact. I was headed to the very first debate team meeting. I know just what you're thinking. Gross, debate team. Well, I was thinking the same thing, but joining the team will ultimately help me reach my goal of becoming a lawyer. I came to the conclusion I wanted to work in law after I realized how good I am at arguing and putting up a fight. Once I identified my dream, I got really into researching it. Before I knew it, I had all this information of law and I knew I wanted to get started as soon as I could. Debate team was a start.

My mind was so all over the place that I barely realized where I was going. I had collided into a water fountain and I dropped my binders and books. All my things were scattered across the hallway. I sighed as I bent down to collect them.

"Need some help with that?" A tender voice asked me. I looked up and saw a tattooed and pierced up boy with chestnut hair. His brown eyes shined with the most sincere kindness and he was bending down to help me out. I recognized the guy as Liam Payne, and I sure as anything knew that my friends would have my head if they saw me even give him the slightest glance over.

"Thank you." I responded. His smile glowed as he helped me regather all of my belongings.

Quickly, everything was picked up again and the both of us were on our feet.

"So, where are you off to?" Liam asked me nicely.

"Mrs. Cartalioni's room for that debate club meeting." His face lit up instantly.

"Really? Same here! " He exclaimed.

"What's your name, by the way?" He added.

"Adrianna North."

"Liam Payne." I already knew that.

We exchanged smiles one more time before we began to walk to her classroom together at the far end of our school.

We walked in mostly silence. I can't exactly say it was comfortable silence, but not many words were exchanged. Soon enough we got to the classroom and the awkward walk was through.

Once we entered the room, he sat in the very back of the room and to express my eager nature, I took a seat in the front. Students quietly trickled into the classroom and began to fill in all the empty desks. The room wasn't packed, but there was a decent amount of kids in here. Much more than I expected to want to join a debate team. The teacher stood with much presence behind a tall podium at the front end of the room. Another podium stood directly aside of it, perfect for debating. Mrs. Cartalioni was demanding our respect, and considering the room was made up mostly of cream of the crop students, the required courtesy was given.

"Good afternoon, students. Welcome to the very first meeting of the debate team. If you are chosen to be one of ten members on this elite team, you will be in for quite the adventure." She paused. Adventure. I liked the sound of that. Mrs. Cartalioni continued her rant.

"I will be selecting the students for the team by conducting a... sort of preliminary round if you will. All of you will debate a random topic in front of the class. You will argue this topic against one other student. The purpose of this is to see how well you can put up an argument. If you lose your debate, that does not mean you won't be selected for the team for sure. This is only for me to see what you are capable of. We don't have much time here, so with luck we can get through one discussion today. Would anyone like to go first?"

A ton of hands shot up, including mine. The teacher's eyes scanned across the room as she scouted her first two victims.

"Mr. Payne and Miss North, why don't you both start us off."

A rush of goosebumps went up my body as she called on Liam and I to debate against each other. I found myself becoming nervous even though it wasn't a big deal. I'd just met Liam formally a few minutes ago, and it wasn't as if I liked him or anything right? Why was I afraid to get up there and argue with him? Was it because I did actually find him cute and attractive? No! The girls would all individually kill me! He's a punk! I shook all thoughts of a crush on him to the back of my head for the time being. My head was encouraging me to stay in my chair, but my legs were already carrying me up to the front of the room.

My eyes met Liam's as we made our ways to the two podiums. I could feel the blush heat up on my face and my heart-rate started to increase greatly. I could see a slight reddening on his face too which made me feel slightly more at ease.

"Shake hands. That's the first thing you do in a debate setting." Mrs. Cartalioni instructed. Our gazes never left each others as we both lifted our hands to reach one another. My body nearly fidgeted at his touch. Firmly, we shook hands.

"Okay. Your topic is cosmetic surgery. Adrianna, you are for the cause, and Liam will be against it."

I cleared my throat and began to speak more at the crowd of students than at Liam.

"Cosmetic surgery is a very controversial topic and proves touchy in the minds of most people. Surgeries of this kind help to boost the confidence of people young to elderly. What's the harm in feeling good about yourself? If there is something that can be done to make you feel more confident, then I believe that measure should be taken. It's at the liberty of the person it is affecting." Liam raised an eyebrow at me, showing how impressed he was by my speech.

"Mr. Payne, your counteraction?" The teacher added in. Liam nodded and started up his side of the discussion.

"Cosmetic surgeries can be very dangerous and have unclear results on the human body. On top of the risks come the astronomical prices. Also, some enhancements and alterations make people's bodies seem unnatural, which can in the end force others around them into acquiring unrealistic expectations for their own bodies. Though it is very important to keep personal liberties constant, I believe that cosmetic surgery is one thing that should be banned for the good of society."

I was taken aback by Liam's knowledge. All this time, I was convinced he was a rat or thug. Even though it shouldn't mean much, just listening to him debate gave me a better understanding of him. Judging a book on its cover is an unwise decision.

"On the contrary, Liam. We live in a free country and if the government is to put bans on what we can do with our own bodies, then what else can they do? Though I see your side of the argument, cosmetic surgery should be at the disposal of each individual person."

Liam fixed his eyes upon me and shook his head.

"People are made different in a good way. Though this is purely personal opinion, I like to think that everyone is beautiful. Everyone."

The both of us were lost in each other's eyes after his statement, but I broke first and looked to the floor.

"I've seen enough. Very good, Mr. Payne and Miss North."

Liam and I both nodded and returned to our seats. As I shuffled to the desk I was previously in, I tried to wrap my brain around what had just happened. I sat back in the seat and let my body sink in. I know it was silly, but I couldn't help but feel like the words that he was saying last were meant for me. I wasn't sure of much, but I was sure I was developing some feelings toward Liam.


Liam plays an important part in my story. Don't forget about our encounter on that day. That's all for now... Until next time.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! This is my new story and it's based off of me, Maya, and my best buds. (: I have no schedule for this fanfic, I will update often and I'm sure of that. "Under the Upper Hand" will still be updated on Wednesdays! Much love!

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