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I turned scanning the arrival board seeing the flight lands in thirty minutes. I grab a cup of coffee and let out a deep breath while leaning against a wall watching people of all shapes and sizes pass by me. Standing in the terminal waiting on my partner, do I question myself, my motives even my sanity, then smirk knowing that my mom even thought my career choice was out of left field. Not in my eyes though knowing the way my father was killed, so after high school I went to the marine base at Quantico Virginia for a twenty week training at the Academy, and at the end I was selected by my classmates for the Director's Leadership Award.

I studied hard in all four fields; academic, case studies, firearms and operation skills, being physically fit in high school helped me in the intense physical training during that time. I do go back for refresher courses and could go for specialized courses if I choose to but I'm very proud of who I am as a special agent for the FBI, along with what I do. I have been with the Bureau for ten years, have had some amazing assignments, still not the one I really wanted ever came across my desk, but right now my partner Will and I are helping the Witness Protection division because they seemed to be low on available agents.

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