Back Together

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A few days later.....


I was talking to Ray about what actuakly went down. It was still wrong of him, but I'm a person who believes in second chances.

Ray- I really love her Kyler, I need your help.

Me- I'll try to help you. I ain't making any promises

Ray- Awww your going sweet on us. (Tries to hug me)

Me- Get the fuck off me

Ray- There is the Kyler I know

Me- Whateva nigga. Autumn! Get yo ass down here!

Ray- She's here?

Me- Duh, it's her house.

Autumn- What is he doing here?

Me- He's here to tell you something

Ray- Autumn, I love you. I would never hurt you, at least again. It was wrong of me to cheat on you. Please forgive me?

Me- Autumn y'all are a good couple. Please give him another chance.

Autumn- Ok, but this is your last chance.

Ray- Ok I promise I won't let you down.

Everybody else- (cheering)

Ray- They're here too?

Me- Yep

(Lights go out)

Shiyah- That's weird

Roc- I know right

Ray- (screams)

Autumn- Ray?

Prince- (screams)

Prod- Prince?

Roc- (screams)

Me- Baby?

Prod- (screams)

Shiyah- Baby?

Autumn- (sreams)

Shiyah and I- Autumn?

Shiyah- (screams)

Me- Shiyah

(I feel pain in my arm and I black out)

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